Halloween jewelry is something that gets forgotten under the pressure of finding the right costume. Don’t make that mistake this year because the Halloween jewelry that you choose can make or break your outfit. You can even skip the costume if you just don’t feel like dressing up. Are you as excited about the Halloween parties as we are? You will be after you read our tips on how to wear your Halloween jewelry.

When You’re Going All In with the Halloween Jewelry

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Same here! What’s better than being allowed to act out your childhood dreams through costumes? If you want to be a believable wizard, your Halloween jewelry needs to be perfect. A simple flick of the wand just won’t do.

Party stores will usually sell jewelry to match your outfit. However, if you’d rather not wear plastic around your neck, you can browse for Halloween jewelry from regular jewelry stores. You’re sure to find skull studs for your goth dress or feather earrings that look like the ones Pocahontas used to wear.

When Costume Jewelry Is Your Friend

You don’t have to go completely costume this Halloween. Costume jewelry, meaning fashion jewelry, can work just as well when you get a little creative.

Costume jewelry features imitation stones and metals like copper and brass. By wearing costume jewelry, you can stay in character as Princess Elsa and not have to worry about losing that 18 karat gold necklace.

Honestly, it’s already in the name. Costume jewelry was made to be part of your Halloween outfit.

Lots of costume jewelry brands release a special Halloween jewelry line. These are pieces that either incorporate Halloween symbols like pumpkins and witches or are more subtly designed to complement a Halloween costume. This lets you choose whether you want to show your Halloween spirit in jewelry alone or with a complete costume.

When You’re Going to a Low-Key Party

A Halloween costume might not be expected at a low-key party like your office Halloween mixer. If you are a sucker for Halloween and feel sad about not being able to wear a costume, go for Halloween jewelry.

Halloween jewelry that takes the theme literally can still be festive to wear. You could wear werewolf tooth earrings or add a carved pumpkin charm to your bracelet. Such Halloween jewelry is great for the office.

Or maybe you and your friends have been planning to go to dinner for months. Then, you realize that the only date that everyone is still available is on Halloween night. You might not want to arrive at that fancy French bistro in your sexy nurse clothes. Instead, wear jewelry that still makes the dinner feel like a party. Cover yourself in pearls to feel like Audrey Hepburn or channel your inner disco goddess with stacked bangles.

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Not everyone will be attending a Halloween party this year. Maybe you can’t get away from work or maybe you have other plans. To keep in fun spirits you can wear Halloween jewelry without the costume, even when you’re staying home. A salt crystal pendant gives you something to grab while you’re settled on the couch for a horror movie marathon. You know, just in case vampires do exist and smell your fear.

When You Don’t Have Time to Go Shopping for Halloween Jewelry

Halloween is not a holiday where you can expect to get the day off from work. If you’re a busy bee, worrying about finding a Halloween costume is the last thing you want to do. You can’t pretend that Bigfoot ate all your paperwork by taking a photo of your boyfriend in his costume.

Save yourself the time of coming up with a Halloween costume by planning in reverse. Instead of starting with the Halloween costume, start with the Halloween jewelry. Lay out the pieces in your jewelry box. Is there any jewelry that could carry your Halloween costume?

Fashion likes to go back in time so your jewelry box might have pieces with a nod to the past. Build from there. Match your colorful hoop earrings and bangles with leggings and a leotard. Or wear a color blocked bracelet and beaded long necklace with a kaftan flower power dress. Choose a decade that embodies your favorite jewelry style and go from there.

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You don’t have to feel limited to the accessories that you can buy at the party store. Costume jewelry gives you plenty of good quality choices for your Halloween party. This Halloween, let jewelry be the inspiration for your costume. Read through our other articles for more jewelry inspiration.

And, of course, don’t forget to check Ana Luisa’s designer jewelry collections. You will find unique limited-edition pieces, which means that no matter how many witches will be in the room, your costume will still be unique through your jewelry.

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