It’s an exciting new year full of opportunities and adventures. We know you plan on going out more this year, so we have decided to share with you some jewelry styling advice. Want to find out great styling tips directly from the Houston jewelers? Then you have to read further. And don’t worry, we know your personal style is unique and so we offer more than one inspirational ideas. Get comfy and learn to style your unique NYC jewelry for a night out directly from the best Houston jewelers.

Houston jewelers styling ideas for a polished look

You are careful about everything you wear and you always look as if you have just landed from the cover of a fashion magazine. Your NYC jewelry features a lot of all-metal pieces and silvery tones. You are not too big on gems, but, nevertheless, you love having a couple of statement pieces. And what about your wardrobe? Girl, you have it going for you.

Tailored trousers, chic A-line dresses, metallic tops, and lacquer shoes are must-have items for you. You draw attention everywhere you go and your sleek look is hard to forget. So here is your Houston jewelers inspiration for the next time you go out with your friends.

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Pair an oversized link chain necklace with link drop earrings to get that cool metallic vibe that you love. Choose white metals like silver and platinum and leave your bracelets at home. You can also skip on the rings but if you want to go for a statement look, stack a couple of simple, all-metal rings. You can wear your hair down, but pull it behind the ears in a sleek style. Get your tailored trousers and solid white blouse out of your closet and choose a pair of red lacquer stilettos for a splash of color.

Houston jewelers styling ideas for an elegant look

Whether you go to a formal event, a business meeting or after-work happy hour with your friends, you are always elegant and classy. You love pearl jewelry in every shape and color, clear gemstones as well as drop earrings and thin bangles. You are not afraid to wear statement pieces as long as they give off an elegant vibe.

Correct us if we are wrong, but your wardrobe features a lot of knee-length dresses, lace blouses and cigarette pants. Even when you are wearing jeans, you feel the need to match them with high heels and a silk blouse. What do Houston jewelers have to say about the next time you go for a night out?

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Your velvet little black dress will look gorgeous if you wear your hair up in a relaxed bun and a pair of pearl drop earrings. Match your earrings with a pearl pendant and choose a delicate gold cuff with a woven design. Your faux fur coat and classy stiletto shoes are must-have items for this look.

Houston jewelers styling ideas for a minimal look

You are very careful about the details and feel that strong essences come in small bottles. You don’t like to flash your jewelry too much but rather wear it as an accent to your outfit. As such, you love studs in every shape and color, dainty necklaces and chain bracelets. Of course, you also have a couple of dangle earrings and lariats, but they feature simple and classy designs.

If we were to take a peek into your dresses, we would notice a lot of black items, high-waist jeans, graphic tees, and boots. If you find yourself in this description, get a page from the Houston jewelers styling advice book.

Next time you go out, match your gold ball stud earrings with a textured coin pendant necklace. Wear your gold chain bracelet as well, but skip on the rings. As for your clothes, there’s nothing better than your boot cut high-waist dark jeans, your simple boat neckline tee, and your leather jacket. Wear your hair in a ponytail to let your studs be visible and you are ready to go out and have a great night!

Houston jewelers styling ideas for a daring look

You are confident about your body and are not afraid to show it. No matter where you go, you get all the attention because you exhibit confidence and a fun personality. This is why you simply adore hoop earrings, statement cuff bracelets, cocktail rings, and layered necklaces.

You wear a lot of deep-V blouses, bandeau dresses and you have an entire collection of shoes in vibrant colors. You also love everything gold and big, stunning gemstones. So what do the Houston jewelers have to say about the next time you go out? Read further.

A pair of oversized silver hoop earrings is exactly what you need. To avoid looking too busy, skip on the necklace (unless we are talking about a simple long lariat), but try a chunky statement ring. If you want to combine silver with gold, choose a cuff that features both metals to create a balance between your earrings and ring. As for your clothes, your deep-V blouse with look fantastic with your midi leather skirt. Add a pair of ankle lacquer boots and your red lipstick to create an unforgettable look.

If you enjoyed discovering the Houston jewelers tips for a night out, read our other articles as well for more styling inspiration. To view any of the jewelry creations in this article and more unique NYC jewelry designs, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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