Emerging in the 20s and getting its peak in popularity in the 40s, the cocktail ring has known a glamorous history. And since the fashion trends circle back, guess what? Cocktail rings are back in fashion and they look more sparkling than ever. Buying rings shouldn’t be difficult so, if you are planning to buy a cocktail ring to match your golden dress and red stilettos, read further to find out what to look for. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about choosing a cocktail ring and finding the perfect one for you.

What is a cocktail ring?

Larger than most rings, with an oversized center stone or a cluster of stones, a cocktail ring is a statement piece of jewelry. A cocktail ring has an elaborate design, is usually full of color and sparkles beautifully. It can also be all-metal with an intricate design, in which case you will find it easier to match.

It can be made of silver, gold, platinum or even other materials. You can also find gold plated cocktail rings or even cocktail rings of copper or stainless steel. When it comes to gemstones, a cocktail ring usually features semi precious stones, but you can also find rings with precious or even synthetic stones. Of course, with this type of statement ring, the center stone needs to be very large. This is why most cocktail rings feature either semi precious or synthetic stones as a 100-carat ruby can end up costing an arm and a leg. But if you want to buy a cocktail ring that features precious stones, you will definitely find one.

How to buy a cocktail ring

There are a couple of things to consider when buying a cocktail ring. We are going to list the most important ones so you can make an informed choice and be happy with your purchase.

Consider your wardrobe

Since cocktail rings aren’t the most versatile jewelry pieces, you need to buy one that matches your specific outfits. If, for example, you buy a rose gold cocktail ring that features a large red center stone, you may end up discovering that you can’t wear it with your favorite orange dress. Think about your outfits and where you are going to wear the ring. Then buy one that matches your style and clothes.

Consider your other jewelry

If you have only silver jewelry and plan to buy a gold plated cocktail ring, you will soon discover that you can’t match it. As opposed to more subtle rings, a cocktail one doesn’t look good if you stack it. And without stacking, it’s next to impossible to mix your metals and achieve a good look. Also, when wearing this type of ring, your other jewelry needs to be more subtle. Consider the styles and metals you already have and choose a ring that will complement them.

Consider the gemstones

Sometimes, natural doesn’t necessarily mean best. With cocktail rings, the semi precious or precious gemstones tend to have a lower clarity or visible flaws. This happens because most women looking to buy a cocktail ring aren’t prepared to pay the price for a high-grade 100-carat or more precious stone. You have to inspect the stones carefully and, if you notice many inclusions or low-clarity, choose synthetic gemstones. Cocktail rings that feature synthetic gemstones won’t present problems like flaws, inclusions, and low-clarity.

Consider the setting

As you well know, with rings, the setting is the most important element. Most cocktail rings feature prongs, bezel, channel or pave settings. However, since the gemstones are big (at least in the case of prongs and bezel settings), they need a solid setting to support them. Check out the prongs and see if they are thick enough to support the stone. Inspect them carefully to see if they are bent or if the stone is loose.

Consider the metal

As we said in the beginning, a cocktail ring can be made of any metal. However, if you know you have a nickel allergy, you should be careful. Usually, 22k or 18k gold doesn’t have enough nickel inside to provoke an allergic reaction. However, 10k gold (and sometimes even 14k) and gold plated jewelry may contain nickel. It is not mandatory for that to happen, but it’s best to ask the jeweler than buy a cocktail ring you won’t be able to wear.

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cocktail ring

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