We love a moonstone ring. We love it so much that we think this is one of the best semi-precious stones for a non-diamond engagement ring. Moonstone is quite literally a magical stone. Moonstone rings strengthen female energy and romantic relationships. Aren’t those the very same qualities you desire during the engagement period? Case almost closed. We have more to support this opinion. Let us explain why you should consider a moonstone engagement ring. And if you want to find out more about buying rings, check out our ring buying guide.

The Deeper Meaning of Moonstone

The spiritual meaning of moonstone is beautiful. It represents strong and caring female energy. This association comes from the belief that moonstone gets its shine from the moon. The moon is a traditionally feminine symbol. This is why part of the care routine for a moonstone ring is to place it under moonlight.

By giving you a moonstone ring, your fiancé recognizes your personal strength. He is asking you to share your caring love and strong female spirit with him.

Wearing a moonstone ring is also a way to enhance romantic relationships. Moonstone is associated with emotions and healing energies. Being completely vulnerable to each other and trusting that things get better together is a pillar of marriage. This is why a moonstone ring is the perfect symbol for your shared love.

Shine Bright like a Moonstone

Are you less about the meaning behind gemstones and more about the bling? Okay sister, let’s move on to our next point.

A moonstone ring shines as bright as the moon. Moonstone has a milky color like pearls do but it is much more iridescent. This gleam comes from the alternating mineral layers. Move the ring around to see the play of light that can have a variety of colors. Common adularesence colors of moonstone are blue, pink, purple, gray and gold.

Inclusions in the stone is what creates the play of light. Unlike any other gemstones, inclusions in a moonstone are in high demand. This is because they create interesting patterns that you can stun your friends with.

moonstone ring

The most wanted patterns in moonstone are the cat’s eye and asterism. A cat’s eye moonstone ring has a single bright line running through it that looks like the slits of cat eyes. This line floats through the stone as you move it around. Asterism is when light effects creates the shape of a star inside a gemstone. In moonstone, this star can be any color.

Are you impressed yet? A diamond does not have any of these light effects. It’s a different way to sparkle but just as mesmerizing, if you ask us.

Colored Gemstones Are Replacing Diamond Engagement Rings

You probably already noticed that colored gemstones are a popular trend in jewelry, right now. This is a trend that we expect to stick around for another minute. Or many more minutes, actually. Sure, clear stones have a whole lot of sparkle. However, colored gemstones are just more fun to mix and match. They add depth to any look.

At this point you might be thinking that moonstone is white, not a colored stone. Technically, the body color is white, similar to the coloring of an Akoya pearl. Also technically, many more colors appear when you move the moonstone around. It is like a surprise color prism.

The beauty of a moonstone ring is that is has the versatility of a clear stone and the surprise of a colored stone. This engagement ring looks flawless with any outfit in any color scheme. Consider moonstone the original take on a combination of trends; colored gemstones, pearls and non-diamond engagement rings.

Moonstone Ring Maintenance Is as Simple as A-B-C

Taking care of a moonstone ring is a breeze. This romantic gemstone needs very little attention to stay smooth and shining. Let’s be honest, we all spend less time on cleaning our jewelry than we should. Somehow, it is still more time than we would like. Cleaning a moonstone engagement ring doesn’t break out a single drop of sweat. It is a low maintenance engagement ring.

The best way to protect your moonstone ring is to ask your jeweler to place a clear protective layer over it. Moonstone is a reasonably soft stone so it is prone to chip. Other than that, all this stone needs is a gentle cleaning every once in a while.

Gently rub a moist soft cloth dipped in mild soapy water over the stone. Or, place the stone in a small bowl filled with warm water and a few drops of dish soap for sensitive hands. Leave the ring in the bowl for 2-5 minutes. Pat the ring completely dry after either cleaning method using a soft jewelry cloth.

Receiving a moonstone ring as an engagement ring is not only romantic, but also original. Of course, if you prefer a more traditional approach, diamonds are still great for engagement rings. However, regardless of your preference for your engagement ring, you should also have a moonstone ring in your jewelry box. You will fall in love with its mysterious inner glow and you will find it very easy to match your elegant and feminine moonstone ring with your outfit.

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