Your wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever have. Unless we are talking about a second wedding ring, but let’s not get into that. It is normal to want your wedding ring to be unique and reflect the love between you and your partner. Choosing a wedding ring design may be the second hardest decision after deciding to marry in the first place. We understand how important this is for you and we are here to help. Ana Luisa’s jewelry experts have put together a list of valuable advice where you will learn how to choose the design of your wedding ring. Read further to discover tips and inspiration.

The symbolistic of the design

A wedding ring expresses never-ending love and it plays a crucial role in the wedding ceremony. Certain designs have specific meanings, so let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful symbols:

  • Interlocking bridal sets are smart and romantic. They symbolize the intertwining of your lives and are great if you and your partner share a common passion for knowledge.
  • Matching bands are all about unity. If you and your partner often say that it’s you two against the world, matching bands may be the choice for you.
  • Inscriptions on wedding bands provide a unique opportunity for personalization. If you and your partner are the artsy, creative type, those may be the rings for you.

Which gemstones?

diamond wedding ring

A wedding ring should complement the engagement ring as people often wear them together. One of the decisions you have to take is whether you want gemstones on your wedding band or not.

A plain metal wedding ring is simple, yet classy. It will look gorgeous with any engagement ring and will offer a nice contrast. This is what most people choose for their wedding band and, if you like simplicity and elegance, this is what you should choose as well.

A diamond wedding band with small diamonds in a pave setting means luxury and elegance. If you and your partner love subtle elegance and style, get this type of band.

Other choices include sapphires, rubies, and other gemstones. A common rule is for your wedding band to feature a pave or channel setting with small gemstones if it is not plain. A wedding band with a gemstone in a solitaire, bezel or cathedral setting would clash with the engagement ring. A nice idea for the gemstones would be to create a combination between your birthstones.

Which metals?

antique wedding ring

As you know, traditionally, a wedding ring is yellow gold. If you love tradition, then you have your answer. But if you prefer to defy the rules, you should know that rose gold is also a great romantic option. White gold and platinum are great metals for wedding bands, especially for contemporary people with an artistic side.

And speaking of artistic, multi-tone wedding rings and inlaid bands are also very beautiful. Consult with your partner when choosing the metal for your wedding ring and decide upon something that fits both of your styles.

What about designing your own wedding ring?

More and more people choose to design their own wedding rings. Prince Harry, for example, proposed to Meghan Markle with an engagement ring of his own design. To do that you have to provide the jeweler with a drawing, photo or description of your ideal wedding ring. In turn, they will create a computer model which you can adjust until it fits your ideal design.

The pros & cons of designing your own wedding band

A great thing about designing your wedding band is that you get a jewelry piece that will fit perfectly on your finger. You can choose the exact size of the gemstones and the color combination you want. Last, but not least, you will know with certainty that your wedding ring is unique. Designing it by yourself means that nobody else in this world will have the exact ring, which is a nice way of celebrating your marriage.

The not-so-great part is that a custom wedding band will cost more.  You will be able to change the design how many times you feel it’s necessary, but, usually, jewelers will charge a fee for every major alteration to the design. Last, but not least, you should know that custom design rings are usually non-refundable. This means that you won’t be able to take your ring back if you don’t like how it turns out.

Designing your own wedding ring could be tricky. However, for some people, it is a risk worth taking because this way they ensure they get a unique piece.

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