The ring shank or band is an important part of your ring and it refers to the cylinder that goes around your finger. As you know from our previous buying guides, there are many ring settings to choose from. But when you buy a ring, you should also consider the style of the ring shank. And because we want to turn you into an expert jewelry buyer, we have decided to share our knowledge with you. After all, knowledge is power and, in our case, it means the power to have a fabulous style. Sit back, relax and read our ring shank buying guide to discover which ring bands are ideal for you.

The anatomy of a ring

Luckily for you, the anatomy of a ring is easier than that of a human body with only four elements that you need to remember.

  • The ring setting, which is the area where the jeweler mounts the stone(s).
  • The shank or band
  • A claw, in case of prong setting rings
  • The ring’s shoulder, which is the part that unites the ring’s setting with the shank

Now, when you go into a jewelry store or buy jewelry online, you don’t need to take your magnifying glass with you to analyze the ring’s shoulder. And with bezel rings, for example, you won’t have a claw so, again, you don’t need to spend a lot of time on this element. The setting and the ring shank, however, are very important. The first one determines how the stone will be featured and how visible it will be, while the second one determines the style of the ring.

Which ring shank should you get?

There are many different styles of ring bands and all of them can look gorgeous. Of course, buying jewelry is personal and you should only get pieces that cater to your style. So, without further ado, here are the different types of ring shanks along with some buying advice from Ana Luisa’s jewelry experts. Enjoy!

The traditional ring shank

As the name suggests it, this type of band is, well, traditional. You get a cylinder with a completely even width. This type of shank is great for women with long and thin fingers that want to offer the sensation of a thicker finger.

The euro style ring shank

This type of ring band is squared off at the bottom part of the ring, making it ideal for rings with heavy stones. A ring with a euro style band is ideal for women who want to elongate their fingers, but not recommended to women with thicker fingers.

 The tapered ring shank

With this style, you get a ring that is wider at the mounting and thinner as it circles back behind the finger. Women who want to offer the impression of slimmer fingers love this type of ring shank.

The reverse tapered ring shank

And since we have a tapered style, it is only natural to have its opposite as well. Buying a ring that gets thinner at the mounting and thicker at the bottom part is a great idea for women who want to offer volume to their fingers.

The pinched ring shank

One of the most feminine and creative ring bands, the pinched style creates an oval form of the ring. The area around the mounting looks a little bit squished, and the overall effect is very chic.

The bypass ring shank

No, we are not talking about heart surgery here unless you have just lost your engagement ring. But if you haven’t take a look at it. One of the favorite engagement ring styles features a bypass shank. The band curves up to one side and down on the other and it looks as if it embraces the center stone. Many people prefer this style for engagement rings because it has a very romantic look.

The split ring shank

With a split shank, you get a very elegant effect. This is, perhaps, the most elegant type of shank. The band is split up at the mounting looking as if there are two bands holding the stone together. Many women love this style because it brings the attention towards the gemstone.

The knife-edge ring shank

This creative ring band is very thin, resembling a knife edge. Rings featuring this type of band are contemporary and much appreciated by women who are always looking for something out of the proverbial box.

The freeform ring shank

Last, but not least, since we leave in a free society with creative people, some rings choose not to follow the standards. So instead of featuring one of the known bands, they decide to invent their own. This way you get freeform rings which look fabulous paired with creative outfits that also defy the norms.

To find out more information about jewelry and how to wear it, browse through our blog. Don’t forget to check out Ana Luisa’s designer rings collections to view unique limited-edition pieces at fair prices.

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