Platinum wedding rings look elegant and have a bright luster. But is their look enough to make them so popular? That’s for us to know and for you to find out. Whether you plan to get married soon and need to go ring buying or are simply interested in wedding choices, read further to find out about platinum wedding rings. In this article, you will discover more about platinum jewelry as well as why people prefer to use it for their weddings rings. Happy reading!

Quick facts about platinum

In order for you to understand why platinum wedding rings are popular, you should know a couple of things about this precious metal. Platinum is one of the rarest metals on Earth and it was discovered in 1557. At that time, the physician Julius Scaliger was surprised to find a metal that wouldn’t melt. Yes, one of the interesting facts about platinum is that it doesn’t melt. We’ll get back to that later on.

So, it’s very rare, beautiful and durable. What else? Most platinum jewelry pieces contain at least 90% platinum. The percentage can go up to 95%. This means that a platinum jewelry piece contains more platinum than a high-karat gold one contains gold. This is why platinum jewelry never causes allergic reactions – it is very pure.

Ok, platinum is great, but are there downsides to it? Platinum jewelry is more expensive than the gold one and not only because this metal is rarer than gold. It is also because platinum is not a very malleable metal. It can be hard to work with it if you are not an experienced jewelry maker. Another downside would be that you can’t melt it and turn it into something else. But, hey, would you really want to melt your wedding ring?

Platinum wedding rings and their popularity

In the ‘30s, platinum was a very popular metal. Its popularity decreased when the US government forbade people to wear platinum jewelry. Yes, you read correctly. It was during the war and the government decided platinum was a strategic mineral and it should not be used in jewelry. Well, that was a long time ago and, after some years, people returned to this precious metal. Today, most people buy platinum wedding rings for several reasons. Let’s see what these reasons are.

Its color

One of the reasons platinum wedding rings are popular has a lot to do with this metal’s color. Its lustrous white that shines beautifully mesmerizes people. And, as white is traditional to a wedding, there you have it. Of course, instead of getting platinum wedding rings, people could also buy white gold or even silver, if the color was the only factor. But it’s not, which leads us to the second reason.

Platinum wedding rings are hypoallergenic

Some people have a nickel allergy and, unfortunately, white gold contains a high amount of nickel. You wouldn’t want your groom to start scratching during the wedding ceremony, would you? Most people believe platinum wedding rings are the safest when it comes to avoiding allergic reactions, and they are right.

Platinum is not malleable

Ok, but why is this a pro for platinum wedding rings? Because if it is not malleable, it doesn’t bend. And if it doesn’t bend, then your gemstone is much safer in a platinum setting than in any other type of setting. As other metals tend to bend, the setting can get loose and you can wake up one day without the stone. With platinum wedding rings, that never happens.

Its durability

Platinum is durable and requires less maintenance than any other precious metal. Just like diamonds are forever, so it platinum. As a result, it makes sense to choose platinum wedding rings, especially because you and your partner are going to wear those rings every single day.

It doesn’t melt

We said we were getting back to this one. To those of you who love romantic notions, platinum wedding rings carry an interesting symbol. Getting a wedding ring of a metal that doesn’t melt seems like saying “I do” all over again. For some people, is it a way of showing their trust in their future marriage. Of course, if you don’t get platinum wedding rings, it doesn’t mean that you don’t believe in your future marriage. It’s just that platinum has romantic nuances for some people, that’s all.

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