The engagement ring setting is a very important factor to consider when buying an engagement ring. In fact, the setting is always important when buying rings, but, in this case, you need to carefully consider it. There are more factors to assess when it comes to the engagement ring setting and we are going to talk about all of them in the following. Read further to find out more about engagement ring settings.

Which metal should I choose for my engagement ring setting?

Most people don’t ask themselves this question because they simply assume that the engagement ring setting will be of the same material as the ring’s band. And while this is usual, it is also usual to choose a different metal for the setting.

As you know, the most popular metals for engagement rings are platinum and gold, especially white gold. It is also true that both metals come with advantages and disadvantages. For example, white gold is harder than platinum. Yes, naturally gold is a soft metal which is more prone to scratching than platinum. But, in jewelry, gold is mixed with other metals that increase its hardness. A platinum ring, on the other hand, contains at least 95% platinum, so the end result will be more prone to scratching than a gold jewelry piece.

If you think that white gold wins here, well, here’s the downside. This metal is more malleable than platinum, which means that it is easier to bend. And if it bends more easily than it can lose a gemstone more easily.

Coming back to the initial question, the best option is to choose a white gold band and a platinum setting for your engagement ring. Choosing platinum for your engagement ring setting will ensure that the gemstone will stay in place.

What style should I choose for my engagement ring setting?

As you probably know, there are many styles of ring settings. However, when it comes to the engagement rings setting, people tend to choose from just a couple of them. If you are unsure about what to choose, here are some key facts to know about each engagement ring setting.

The prong solitaire setting style

engagement ring setting

Prongs are clearly favorites for engagement rings and there is a reason for that. A prong engagement ring setting elevates the diamond, increase its brilliance and offers a classic, beautiful look to a ring. However, prongs can catch on clothes and may get loose in time, which is why you should take your engagement ring for an inspection every two years.

The bezel setting style

diamond wedding ring

Some women prefer the bezel for their engagement ring setting because it offers a beautiful vintage look and secures the diamond perfectly. It protects the gemstone better than any setting and it is very easy to clean. With a bezel engagement ring setting also come a couple of disadvantages. While prongs maximize brilliance and emphasize the gemstone, a bezel setting tends to hide it a little bit as it completely or partially surrounds the diamond.

The cathedral setting style

engagement ring setting

Lately, this type of setting has gained a lot of popularity with engagement rings. This is more of style than a setting in itself as the stone can be held in prongs, bezel or other settings. What defines it is that it features elegant arches of metal to hold and elevate the gemstone. Many women love it because it offers a unique design, emphasizes the diamond, increases brilliance and makes the stone look bigger. The disadvantages of the cathedral engagement ring setting are that it can easily catch on clothes and it is more difficult to clean than other styles.

The vintage setting styles

engagement ring setting

With an intricate design and an antique look, the vintage engagement ring setting is very romantic and beautiful. It has a unique charm, can be custom to any jewelry era and enhances the brilliance of the diamond. However, it does require more maintenance as its many details will be harder to clean than in the case of a polished setting.

There are more settings and styles to choose from but, when it comes to engagement rings, we recommend one of the above. When choosing the engagement ring setting also consider your lifestyle and how well it will fir your personality. An engagement ring is something that you will wear every day and it has to coordinate with your lifestyle. We recommend to try different settings and see how they look. Imagine yourself wearing the ring every day without feeling the need to take it off. If you can imagine that, then you have found the right engagement ring setting.

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