A non diamond engagement ring is the new Instagrammable wedding trend. We are slowly stepping away from the traditional diamond engagement ring. The classic colorless diamond is being traded in for a more personalized and expressive colorful engagement ring.

Looking at the other current jewelry trends, this is not unexpected. Updated versions of classic jewelry and sparkling colored gemstones are common threads in jewelry designs of the last few seasons. Don’t expect this trend to go away any time. We don’t want it to, either.

An engagement ring should be meaningful to you and your partner, not the diamond companies. A non diamond engagement ring gives you much more freedom in creativity. Let us explain why. Get inspired with our favorite non diamond engagement ring ideas. If you want to find out more about ring, check out our ring buying guide as well.

Meaningful Colored Gemstones Are Better Than Diamonds

There are two reasons why we are riding on the wave of colored gemstones. Firstly, we like the pop that it adds to your entire look. We no longer feel restricted in matching colors thanks to the rainbow of semi-precious stone jewelry.

The second reason is the more relevant reason for getting a non diamond engagement ring. Gemstones carry meaning. A gemstone that represents something special to you and your bae is closer to your heart.

Several gemstones represent love better than diamonds do. Our favorites are moonstone, rose quartz and sapphire. Here’s a quick introduction to these gems.

We can’t hide our love for this milky white stone with the many posts we’ve dedicated to moonstone jewelry. Moonstone represents caring female energy, strong romantic relationships, passion and healing.

moonstone ring

Rose quartz is the true love stone. It has a calming effect on your emotions and sensitivities letting you put full trust in your loved ones. Rose quartz attracts love to the wearer and gives the wearer the strength to believe in unconditional love.

Sapphire is the more traditional colored gemstone for a non diamond engagement ring. It represents all the qualities associated with engagements; loyalty, purity and trust. If you prefer the classics then a sapphire ring is your match.

Symbols in Rings Are a Minimalist Statement

Maybe semi-precious and precious stones are not your thing. Maybe you are a true minimalist at heart and want a ring that represents your inner self. In that case, a solid gold or silver engagement ring is what you are looking for.

Solid gold rings that have a classic symbol of lover incorporated in the design are a subtle alternative to the diamond ring. Think of rings where the band is shaped into a heart, infinity symbol or linked chains. Just like the mentioned gemstones, these symbols all represent love. In fact, they are probably even easier to read as a symbol of love than moonstone, rose quartz and sapphires.

You can still get creative with a solid gold engagement band. Think of mixing different colors of gold or an enamel band. Or stick to clean lines. After all, what is more original than a minimalist engagement ring without gemstones?

Solid gold rings are sleek and strong. Don’t forget, you need to take care of your engagement ring for a lifetime. A ring without stones is less likely to get damaged. Can you imagine the horror of missing a stone?! A minimalist non diamond engagement ring is basically saving yourself from stress.

Non-Classic Pearls Are the New Diamonds

So, if you are a traditional girl, then you might just fall in love with this non engagement ring idea. Pearls are making a strong comeback. We predict that modern pearl jewelry is hot on the heels of diamonds.

Pearls are a classic in feminine jewelry so a great non diamond engagement ring alternative that is still traditional. You can play around with different pearl sizes and shapes for a modern twist.

They also represent many of the qualities of the other love stones. A pearl non diamond engagement ring represents loyalty, purity and luck. Don’t we all want to feel lucky in love?

Dare to Break All the Rules

Here is an unpopular opinion for you. There are no rules for an engagement ring. Who decided that you need to wear a huge rock for it to count?

Sure, we all feel a little extra pressure to live a life that looks good in pictures. But, let’s take a second and think about which one stands out more in your social media feed. Is it a classic diamond engagement ring or an unexpected non diamond engagement ring that truly represents the bride?

Dare to break all the rules when it comes to your engagement and wedding. Do what represents you, your life partner and your journey together.

After all, at Ana Luisa we promote freedom and diversity. If you choose a non diamond engagement ring, choose one that represents your relationship. However, if you would really like to stick to diamonds, you can do that as well. The only rule that you shouldn’t break is staying true to who you are.

If you liked this article, check out the rest of our blog posts as well. We publish daily content that offers a lot of inspiration to confident women who love to express themselves. To view our collection of unique rings for women, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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