A non diamond engagement ring is an instant conversation starter. Either the person is a little bit shocked by the unconventional idea or she is absolutely in love with it. Which group are you in? Are you looking to buy a classic ring or are more on the creative side? Well, if you are wishing for an engagement ring that will truly knock people out then go for a non diamond engagement ring. Keep reading if you need a little more convincing or are simply looking for ring inspiration.

Why Choose a Non Diamond Engagement Ring

Before we get into the alternatives, you might want to hear a few reasons why non diamond engagement rings are gaining popularity.

As consumers are increasingly conscious of their purchases, some choose not to wear diamonds. There are environmental and social implications of diamonds and some women prefer not to be a part of it.

Traditionally, a non diamond engagement ring was quite common. This is why many heirloom engagement rings do not incorporate diamonds. So, the new trend of different gemstones in an engagement ring is actually a revival of older standards.

A final reason to choose a non diamond engagement ring is simply because you are not feeling the hype for diamonds. Some women might not feel comfortable with such a valuable jewelry piece or would rather spend the money elsewhere.

An imitation diamond, semi precious stone or even an engagement ring without gemstones can still be gorgeous.

Colorful Gemstone Engagement Rings

Nowadays, a diamond is the first rock we think of when we hear engagement ring. Yet, more women are leaning towards non diamond engagement rings. Other gemstones can carry a special meaning for the person. Or maybe the bride-to-be prefers something more colorful.

Your options multiply when you are open to a non diamond engagement ring. If you would still like a shimmering stone on your finger, other gemstones can make for beautiful engagement rings.

14k gold ring

You can choose an alternative gemstone based on different things. You could choose your own birthstone or a ring that also has your partner’s birthstone. Or simply pick the color that attracts you.

Another way to decide on the stone is to pick one based on its meaning. For example, rose quartz symbolizes love, peace and the healing of emotional wounds. Doesn’t rose quartz sound like the most romantic stone?

Imitation Diamond Engagement Ring

Cubic zirconia is the most well-known alternative to diamonds. Another example is moissanite. These simulants of diamonds look very similar to the real deal. With cubic zirconia and moissanite you can wear a non diamond engagement ring while still having the traditional look of a diamond engagement ring.

Another clear stone alternative to diamonds are crystals and man-made gemstones. These laboratory made gemstones can look just as good as real diamonds. To be honest, we can’t really tell unless we get extremely close to the engagement ring. With a light. And a microscope. Yeah, when you put it like that it sounds a little rude to ask a bride-to-be to examine her engagement ring.

Your love shouldn’t be quantified by the value of an engagement ring. A non diamond engagement ring can carry just as much value because of its meaning alone.

Knots & Infinity Symbols

Continuing with the symbolism, an engagement ring could also feature a knot or infinity symbol instead of gemstones.

The symbolism is quite straight forward with this option. A knot in a solid gold ring is a metaphor for you and your partner tying the knot. It is a joining of two separate beings into a marriage.

rings for woman

The infinity symbol refers to eternal love. It is a reminder of the love you have for each other. Who said that only diamonds are forever?

Cultural Non Diamond Engagement Ring

Some cultures have a different design for their engagement ring. Examples are the Irish Claddagh, toe rings in India and plain weaved wedding bands in Russia.

The fact that there are cultural differences in engagement rings shows that there is no hard rule for a diamond engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring is a modern social construct. Don’t feel the pressure to conform.

A non diamond engagement ring has a more unique quality to it. If you are not one to conform to the mainstream then an alternative gemstone engagement ring is a beautiful option. And for those with a much simpler personal style, a plain band or a knotted ring are sweet examples of how your ring can express yourself. Whichever ring you decide on, the meaning behind it should be the deciding factor. Read our other articles on finding the right jewelry style for you.

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