Cuff bracelets go way back to the time of Nefertiti and Cleopatra. Ancient civilizations loved cuff bracelets and bestowed religious meanings upon them. But, as it turns out, not only the ancient Greeks or Egyptians had a thing for this beautiful type of bracelet. Coco Chanel also loved them so much that she created the Maltese Cross cuffs. And hear this. One other thing Jackie O. and Marilyn Monroe had in common besides the President was their love for the cuff bracelet. Who said jewelry cannot unite women?

As it turns out, the cuff bracelet is one jewelry piece that has never gone out of fashion. And because we are sure that you love it too, we have decided to let you know all about cuff bracelets and how you can style them.

What are cuff bracelets?

There are many styles and sizes of these adorable bracelets, but, generally, one thing defines them. A cuff bracelet doesn’t close on the wrist, but it has a gap on the inside of the wrist. Women usually wear this type of bracelet low on the wrist bone, as opposed to bangles which you can wear up the forearm. It is very easy to put on a cuff bracelet, but you have to be careful not to hook it on the outside of your wrist and afterward pull it over the top. This can damage your bracelet and can cause the gemstones to loosen.

Are cuff bracelets adjustable?

Usually, they are. You can close a cuff bracelet or open it up to approximately ¼ of an inch. But before trying to adjust your cuff, you need to make sure that you can do it. Usually, you can find this information inside the cuff’s box. If it’s safe for you to adjust it, you need to be careful how you do this. You cannot simply put the cuff on your wrist and then squeeze it because you would apply too much pressure on its center.

Instead, just put it on your wrist and then encircle your hand over the last stone on one end. Adjust it by bending this portion gently, then repeat this process with the other end. But, again, it’s important to know exactly whether your cuff is adjustable or not.

Cuff styling ideas

We often say that, when it comes to cuffs, any woman should have at least one cuff bracelet from each style in her jewelry box. So here is how you can style your cuff bracelets according to their type.

Silver cuffs

Silver cuffs look fabulous on tan or dark skin and are very easy to style. If you want to have a contemporary sleek look, just wear a shiny silver cuff on your wrist and a pair of mismatched earrings. An elegant shirt with a ¾ sleeve would look great with this. Another alternative is to wear your silver cuff bracelet along with delicate silver bangles. This way you bring attention to your wrist and create a laid-back look.

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Gold cuffs

Delicate gold cuff bracelets or statement gold cuffs look great on any skin tone and add a luxury note to any outfit. They are also more romantic than silver cuffs so you can try wearing your gold cuff with a strapless summer dress or a lace tank top. Depending on the size of the bracelet, you can accessorize it with other types of bracelets, such as gold chain ones or gold charm bracelets.

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Gemstone cuffs

A gemstone cuff is one of the most elegant types of bracelets so make sure you wear it to a formal gathering. Don’t stack your bracelets if you are wearing a gemstone cuff, just let it have all the attention. You can pair with a delicate ring of the same gemstone but forget about statement necklaces when wearing this type of jewelry.

Delicate Cuffs

Fine and delicate cuff bracelets are great for both formal and everyday wear. They also look fabulous when stacked together. If you’d rather go for a more subtle look, try pairing your delicate cuff with a fine chain necklace or a pair of linear drop earrings.

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Statement cuffs

If you want to really make an impression, statement cuffs are what you need. A statement cuff can feature gemstones or it can be all-metal. When wearing this type of bracelet, forget about other statement jewelry. You can pair it with medium-sized cluster earrings and a solitaire ring. You can also try matching your statement cuff with a fine and thin lariat and a cluster ring.

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Cuff bracelets are great for sprucing up any outfit. Just make sure they are adjustable before trying to adjust them and you should be fine. Check out our designer bracelet collections and follow us on Instagram to be the first to find out about our limited-edition collections.

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