An ankle bracelet is a feminine and creative accessory that we all thought was long gone. But, as it turns out, ankles are back in fashion. This type of jewelry is a very special one which you can only wear during the hot season. Even if you love your anklets, imagine what it would look like wearing one with warm winter pants and UGG boots. Not such a pretty picture, is it? So, let’s make the most of the warm season and learn how to wear an ankle bracelet like a true fashion icon.

What is an ankle bracelet?

Anklets are bracelets which you use to adorn your ankle. They are usually metallic and feature a chain with charms or even gemstones. In the past, they had a very funny purpose. Apparently, women wore them so that men would know a female intruder was present during the segregation of sexes. You know how livestock wear bells so that you can hear them approach? This was pretty much the same but, thankfully, feminism happened. Nowadays, an ankle bracelet is worn purely for fashion reasons and we prefer it this way.

Of course, in some part of the world, like India, anklets have a special purpose. They play an important role in the traditional marriage ceremony. They are part of the traditional wedding costume for Indian weddings.

What kinds of ankle bracelets are there?

As we said, usually, ankles are metallic. There are many types of ankle bracelets, but the most common ones are the following:

  • The gold ankle bracelet is, of course, gold or gold-plated. They are usually a single or double thin chain which features gemstones or even diamonds.
  • Silver anklets are bohemian and usually feature charms. They can also be simple in which case you can match them easily.
  • Beaded anklets feature beads, either plastic, glass or gemstone. They can be single or multi-color and are great for casual summer outfits.
  • Barefoot anklets. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear them barefoot. Their name comes from their shape which imitates a barefoot sandal. This type of ankle bracelet comes from India. It consists of a thin bracelet around the ankle which stretches to the footbridge and finishes with a toe ring.
  • Charm anklets feature charms, either representing letters or objects. They are cute, feminine and fashionable.
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The top rules of wearing an ankle bracelet

Because this piece of jewelry is very particular, it also comes with a set of fashion rules. The first rule of wearing anklets is that you have to wear them during the warm season, ideally with sandals and sundresses. Of course, they can also look great with an open-toe stiletto shoe, but that’s for formal occasions.

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  1. What clothes to wear with an ankle bracelet?

Regardless of the anklet and its style, this piece of jewelry looks best with clothes that let your ankle area visible. Think mini skirts or mini dresses, casual or elegant shorts as well as cuffed jeans or leggings. The whole purpose is for the anklet to be visible, so make sure you choose the appropriate clothes.

  1. Should I wear anklets with stockings or socks?

Some fashionistas make this style work. But it is very difficult to create a classy outfit while wearing an anklet over a sock. You can experiment at home, but, in general, we advise to wear anklets without stockings or socks.

  1. What anklet size should I get?

If you have very thin ankles, you can choose a simple metallic ankle bracelet. It can be a thin or a thick one and it will look amazing. But if your ankles are not that thin, choosing a charm anklet will make them visually slimmer. Avoid beaded anklets if you are aiming to make your ankles seem thinner.

  1. What pedicure goes best with an ankle bracelet?

It is needless to say that, when wearing an anklet, your feet get all the attention. This means that your pedicure has to be impeccable and your feet need to be smooth and without calluses. This being said, anklets look best with vibrant pedicures, such as red, purple or even blue. Avoid pastels when wearing an ankle bracelet.

  1. Can I wear my anklet to work?

It depends on where you work. If you work in a creative environment such as advertising, you are safe to wear anklets to work. But if your job is in a bank, for example, wearing an anklet to work may be a violation of etiquette rules. And it’s not about the rules, it’s about you feeling uncomfortable which defies the purpose of fashion. So, in this case, keep your anklets for occasions that are not related to work.

These are, mainly, the rules of wearing an ankle bracelet. Of course, as with any rule, exceptions could apply, especially if you’ve found a creative and stylish way to defy the rule. For more jewelry fashion tips and advice, read our other articles as well. Go to Ana Luisa, our online shop and discover the beautiful designer fine jewelry collections.

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