This year you need to learn how to stack bracelets. From stacked rings to layered necklaces and now stacked bracelets, the fashion world has completely renounced the idea that less is more. In fact, more is more and when it comes to jewelry, nothing is better than a couple of stylish pieces stacked together. This is why Ana Luisa’s fashion stylists have decided to teach you how to stack bracelets like a fashion icon. You need creativity, a fashion sense and to follow a couple of simple rules. Read further to find out how to stack bracelets and achieve an impeccable style.

What kinds of stack bracelets are there?

You can stack almost any bracelet, but, before we begin, let see what the most common types of bracelets are.

  • Charm bracelets are chain bracelets that have charms hanging from them. A charm bracelet is a must-have when you want to stack bracelets.
  • Bangle bracelets are circular bracelets without a clasp. This type of bracelet is a classic and it looks great when you stack it with other bangles.
  • Cuff bracelets are usually wide and feature a gap on the inside of the wrist. A gemstone cuff bracelet is great to wear with thin bangles.
  • Tennis bracelets are simple wristbands with crystals or diamonds. This type of bracelet is more difficult to stack.
  • Pearl bracelets are also harder to stack, unless in an elegant outfit.
  • Gemstone bracelets provide the much-needed color when you stack bracelets.
  • Leather bracelets offer a bohemian note and are great to stack with wood bracelets or other nature-inspired accessories.
  • Beaded bracelets contain a flexible strand with lots of beads (plastic, glass or gemstones). They look great with bangles.
  • Crystal bracelets are a mix of elegance and functionality. You can stack bracelets that contain crystals with pearls or even diamonds.
  • Magnetic bracelets use a magnetic force to fit your wrist. They have a sleek design and look great with charm bracelets.

How can you stack bracelets?

There are no rules when it comes to how you stack bracelets, but it’s important to feel about about the final effect. So, to help you stack bracelets like a pro, here are some inspirational ideas.

stacked bracelets

Stack bracelets inspiration

Some styles work better than others so here are some ideas which you may want to try:

  • For a bohemian look try wearing a turquoise beaded bracelet with a geometrical metal bracelet, a wood tassel bracelet, a silver cuff and a multi-color friendship piece.
  • For a punk-rock look, you can stack bracelets made of leather, stainless steel, and Try a heavy stainless steel cuff with a black chain bracelet, a metal-bar bracelet, a leather wrap bracelet and a studded bangle.
  • For a feminine and sexy look wear a crystal gold chain bracelet, a subtle bangle, a tassel bracelet, a charm piece and a pastel cuff.
  • For a contemporary edgy look try a geometric cuff with a colorful beaded bracelet, a gold open bangle, and a polished magnetic bracelet.
  • For a minimalist look (yes, you can achieve that even when you stack bracelets) choose a sleek stainless steel thin cuff, a wide rose-gold cuff and an oversized chain bracelet, preferably silver or stainless steel.

What clothes to wear when you stack bracelets

The stacking trend only looks good when you wear simple clothes. The main idea is that your arm gets all the attention. You can’t wear five or six different bracelets with a shiny dress and a big hairdo. Wear simple dresses, shirts, pants or skirts and try to let your bracelets shine. Some women stack bracelets on the sleeve, but this look is quite difficult to pull off if you are a beginner. Stick with short-sleeve or no-sleeve clothes to showcase your bracelets the best.

Also, if you want to stack bracelets on both arms, the rule is to divide by two. If you would wear six bracelets on your arm, then wear three on each arm. If you put on too many bracelets on both wrists, the effect will not be so nice. For more fashion tips, read our other articles as well. To complete your jewelry box with fabulous designer jewelry pieces, check out our limited edition bracelet collections.

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