Cuff bracelets are stylish and they can completely transform an outfit. You can wear a simple cuff with a pair of jeans and a print T-shirt and look fabulous. You can also wear a cuff bracelet to a formal event. There are, basically, no limits to wearing cuffs, which is why you should have more of these gorgeous bracelets. Styling trendy bracelets will offer your outfit an extra edge and will make you look dashing every single time. So, read further to discover the top four cuff bracelets that you need to have in your jewelry box

Why cuff bracelets?

Before we talk about different styles, let’s see why you should focus on cuff bracelets. As opposed to other styles, cuffs are versatile and look great on every occasion. They have a clean polished look and can suit your personal style, regardless if you are a boho chic kind of girl or a passionate rocker. Another interesting thing about cuff bracelets is that they are a must-have element when stacking bracelets. Sure, you can stack multiple bangles, but, if you add a cuff, you will go from basic to expert in less than five seconds. So, pile up on your cuff bracelets and check out our top picks that will help you enhance your personal style.

The stud cuff bracelet

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Of all the cuff bracelets out there, the studded cuff is ideal for your leather pants and punk-rock attitude. With this bracelet in your jewelry box, you will be able to try multiple styles. Wear it with leather boots and a black dress for a glam rock style. You can also wear a stud cuff bracelet with a silk gown and stiletto shoes to create a surprising and chic contrast. And when it comes to your other jewelry, you can wear any type of geometric earrings. From simple studs to triangle drop earrings, you can experiment with your look as much as you like.

The twisted cuff bracelet

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With a romantic look and a boho feel, this type of cuff bracelet is elegant and fabulous. When it comes to stacking cuff bracelets, a twisted cuff will look great with thin bangles. Wear this cuff with your favorite flowery dress and braided hairdo for your next romantic date. If you want to offer it some edge, try creating a contrast by wearing this cuff bracelet with a smart suit and stiletto shoes.

Your other jewelry should reflect the premium feel of this cuff bracelet. Stack it with rose gold chain bracelets to get a romantic look. You can also wear it on its own and pair it with pearl cluster earrings for a precious look.

The gemstone cuff bracelet

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If we are talking about the best cuff bracelets, we need to talk about the gemstone cuff as well. Whether you get a gemstone cuff with colored or clear gems, it’s up to you. But a gemstone cuff should never miss from your jewelry box. Depending on its style, you can wear it to formal events, along with a gemstone collar or pearl drop earrings, or you can even wear it to work.

For example, at Ana Luisa, you will find onyx and moonstone gemstone cuff bracelets that are extremely versatile. The onyx cuff is great for business meetings where you want to exhibit confidence and power, while the moonstone cuff is very romantic and appropriate for dates or formal events. If you want to stack your cuff bracelets, make sure to choose very thin bangles. However, we don’t recommend stacking gemstone cuff bracelets because it can distract from their luster.

The silver cuff bracelet

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Yes, silver is a must for cuff bracelets. Why? Because, as opposed to gold, silver has a contemporary edge that will transform any simple outfit into a fashion statement. With silver, it is also important to pay attention to the texture of the cuff, as this precious metal can have different finishes. When you find the right texture for you, buy it and wear your cuff with jeans and a print T-shirt for a smart-casual look.

You can also wear your silver cuff with a velvet formal dress as silver looks especially good with rich textures. We know what you are going to ask next and the answer is yes. You can stack your silver cuff bracelets or wear them with gold jewelry. It’s okay to mix your metals, but please make sure there is a unifying element. This means that if you are wearing your silver cuff along with a gold bangle, you should also add another bracelet that features both metals.

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