A gold chain bracelet is a jewelry box staple piece because it works with pretty much everything. That is exactly why we love incorporating this jewelry piece when we are stacking our bracelets.

When you are putting together a look and it needs some extra oomph then try stacking bracelets to add either edge or glam to the outfit’s vibe. Throw in a gold chain bracelet or two and your look is worthy of trending on Insta. Are you ready to take notes? Read on for our style tips on how best to stack a gold chain bracelet with other bracelet types and learn how to style trendy bracelets.

Tell a Story with Your Stacked Bracelets

The number one rule in stacking any kind of jewelry is using pieces with a common element. There must be a red thread running through each piece that creates coherence in the look.

Now, what that common element should be, that’s completely up to you. Anything is possible, whether it is all gold bracelets, a certain gemstone or seashells or a theme like nature-inspired pieces or 80s rock chic.

Don’t worry about each bracelet looking similar or being identical. In fact, it is more fun when you use a subtle red thread because this creates a more interesting story in your stacking bracelets.

Mixing Metals with a Gold Chain Bracelet

A gold chain bracelet is great for mixing metals. A gold bracelet always has a classic feel to it so when you are mixing metals in your bracelet stack the overall look is still stylish.

Still worried about looking like individual pieces just thrown together instead of a carefully curated look? Try wearing bracelets of different metals but all in the same chain design as the gold chain bracelet.

By wearing several bracelets in the same chain design it looks like each piece is actually part of the same set. No one needs to know that you actually bought the silver and rose gold chain bracelet just because it matches the gold chain bracelet you already had.

Other than the type of chain you can also create cohesion when mixing metals by looking for pieces with the same gemstone. Since mixing metals already adds color to your look, choose a gemstone with a soft color like moonstone or rose quartz.

Wearing Different Kinds of Gold Chain Bracelets Together

Are you more a golden child and prefer wearing only gold jewelry? We applaud you for finding what works for you and celebrating it. Stacking a gold chain bracelet with other types of gold bracelets looks very polished. Stacking gold bracelets is a great jewelry style idea for feminine looks, whether glam or casual. Put together thin gold chains when your clothing is more structured and wear a wider gold chain bracelet with looser fitting clothing.

Play with textures by contrasting a delicate gold chain bracelet with a strong design like bangles or a cuff bracelet. If your gold chain bracelet is chunky then go all in and layer with more chunky gold chain bracelets.

Still missing some color? Then wear three to five gold chain bracelets including one gold chain bracelet with a big bright gemstone as the center piece.

Don’t Shy Away from Color

Stacking bracelets is the perfect subtle way to add color to your look. It works especially well when you are wearing neutral tones or a monochromatic outfit.

There are a few different ways you can play with color when stacking bracelets. Our three favorite ways are wearing gold enamel bracelets, gemstones and colorful leather or tassels.

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Gold enamel bracelets are a classic look. Give this style an update by wearing unexpected bold enamel colors like turquoise, bright pink and orange with a gold chain bracelet.

With gemstones on bracelets we encourage wearing as many colors of gemstone as possible. Nothing feels as lux as lots of shiny gemstones.

For a more flirty and casual look we like bracelets that incorporate a colorful leather or a soft tassel. Tassels work especially well with a gold chain bracelet and colorful leather looks oh so pretty braided with gold chains.

Don’t Forget About Bracelet Size

Here comes a jewelry PSA for you. This pro tip gives you total control over the placement of your stacked bracelets.

Put on the smallest bracelet last so that all the other bracelets on your arm cannot roll further down. This trick lets you wear your stacking bracelets higher up on your arm or closer to your wrist.

Wearing smaller bracelets makes your look more streamlined but also practical. It is a handy trick for your work outfit or a busy day around town.

Looser hanging bracelets still look cool, though. We love a big gold chain bracelet that casually slides down over your hand. You can also play with their designs and wear a loose gold chain bracelet with a tight cuff. However, when trying this style, make sure that the cuff is higher on your arm than the loose gold chain bracelet. Otherwise, the gold chain bracelet will simply slide on the cuff and bracelets on top of each other is a big no-no.

If you enjoyed these styling tips and feel that you have more ideas for styling a gold chain bracelet, check out our related articles as well. To view any of the pieces featured in this article and discover more unique gold bracelets, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop.

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