We don’t know what you are doing each day of the week but we do know how to wear bracelets. So, we are imagining a whole week of fulfilling activities and pairing a bracelet to each day. Why, you may ask. Because bracelets are often overlooked in jewelry styling. This bracelet week calendar is here for you. Take this bracelet week calendar as an inspiration on how to wear bracelets more often and read on to discover how to style trendy bracelets.

How to Wear Bracelets on Monday

Mondays are usually busy days but you are not yet in full swing. Mondays just feel longer than they actually are. This is how to wear bracelets that make you smile during the day: a charm bracelet.

Charm bracelets are very personal jewelry pieces. That is why we think they are the perfect fit for a Monday. While you are getting back into a routine, you have little reminders of what you are doing it for.

Is a full charm bracelet not practical for you? Then wear a sterling silver or gold chain bracelet with a single charm. Just choose a meaningful, positive vibes charm.

How to Wear Bracelets on Tuesday

On Tuesday you can no longer delay what you did not want to do on Monday. What you need to know on Tuesday is how to wear bracelets while still being practical. Easy like Sunday morning! Well, not quite yet.

A practical bracelet style is the simple cuff bracelet. These are easily put on and don’t get caught on anything. Pro tip: wear the cuff bracelet tighter for minimal movement on your arm.

bracelets foe woman

Gold and silver cuff bracelets are always edgy so carry this through in your clothing. Wear something comfortable, practical and that makes you feel like you can do anything.

How to Wear Bracelets on Wednesday

Wednesday is humpday so you deserve a treat yo’self moment. How to wear bracelets to do that? Take ten extra minutes on Wednesday morning for planning out your look, including the bracelets, obviously.

Yes, we said bracelets. As in plural. As in several bracelets. Wear a maximum of three stacked bracelets if you are busy on Wednesdays. Are Wednesday quite relaxed for you? Stack on more bracelets. Yay, more bracelets! A quick reminder on stacking bracelets. Create a red thread in the stack. Also, keep the rest of your jewelry minimal. There should only be one jewelry stack.

How to Wear Bracelets on Thursday

We actually like Thursdays. On Thursday we are finally on a roll with work and chores (and how to wear bracelets). Plus, the next day is already Friday. How exciting. So, what bracelet should you wear on Thursday? Something practical but still a good example of your personality.

Continue the ‘woman that can do it all’ vibes in your bracelet choice. We are thinking a cuff bracelet with a large gemstone. You get the strong design of a cuff bracelet with a feminine gemstone. This bracelet style represents the Thursday you.

How to Wear Bracelets on Friday

How to wear bracelets on a Friday? You need something that is practical for during the day but also glam enough for a night in town.

We are looking for something that sparkles but is not a complicated design. We are looking for a tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet is a classic jewelry piece that every woman deserves owning. The design is polished and practical for a day in the office but still sexy enough for after-work-drinks. Heck, if you can play tennis with it, you can wear it on a Friday.

How to Wear Bracelets on Saturday

Saturday is our preparation for Sunday. We celebrate the weekend by spending time outdoors and having fun with friends. However, we also have a few final errands that we did not get to during the week. Another mixed activity day on your how to wear bracelets challenge. We like a gold chain bracelet for our Saturday look. We can wear a simple gold chain bracelet for the busier days. Translate this into a chunky gold chain bracelet for when your Saturday is full of social activities.

gold chain bracelet

Want more color in your life on the weekend? Wear a braided bracelet of mixed metals or a gold and leather braided bracelet.

How to Wear Bracelets on Sunday

The last day on your how to wear bracelets calendar is here. You are almost there. Sunday is our favorite day because Sundays we can style ourselves in any way we wish. So what is our go-to bracelet on a Sunday?

Bangles! All sorts of bangles. This week we might wear layers of thin gold and silver bangles. Next week we might go full on color and wear chunky enamel bracelets. The week after we might channel our inner flower child and wear painted wood bangles.

Reinvent your jewelry style every Sunday. Experiment with colors, materials and stacking bracelets. Let Sunday be your inspiration for the week to come.

And let this article be your cornerstone for styling bracelets so that you never forget about this fabulous jewelry piece. Want more styling advice? Luckily for you we have a whole blog for that, so check out the rest of our other articles.

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