In case you have been wandering in space for the last year and have just decided to come back to Planet Earth, we have news for you. Rose gold is trending! A rose gold bangle is something you can find in any woman’s jewelry box, along with rose gold earrings, necklaces or rings. Romantic, delicate and very fashionable, rose gold jewelry is enjoying its spotlight now. And you can enjoy it too after you finish reading this article and discover the best colors to wear with your rose gold bangle. Keep calm, read further and become part of the rose gold frenzy.

A bit of history & chemistry

We know you don’t miss your high school period, but you are going to find this interesting. Rose gold gets its blushing color from copper. Many gold alloys contain copper, but not all of them grow up to become rose gold. There is a science to creating this addicting gold shade. And we say addicting because there was a time when rose gold was the favorite of royalty.

From a historical point of view, rose gold is a baby. It was firstly discovered in Russia in the 19th century and it quickly became the favorite of Russian royalty. Well, we know what eventually happened to the Russian royalty, so let’s move along to more savory parts of history. After it fell out of fashion for some time, by 1950 rose gold was back in business. Its great popularity, however, grew last year when many Hollywood celebrities started to showcase their stunning rose gold jewelry on the Red Carpet.

Why you need a rose gold bangle

A fabulous rose gold bangle or any other type of rose gold jewelry should never miss from your jewelry box. Want to know why? Here it is:

  • A rose gold bangle has a unique warmth which makes it different from any other jewelry pieces.
  • Rose gold jewelry looks great with white or yellow gold as well as silver or platinum. In fact, rose gold may be the most easy-to-match precious metal.
  • It looks and feels very romantic. Perhaps it’s the name, perhaps its warm and dreamy hues, but rose gold feels very romantic.

What to wear with a rose gold bangle

Now that you know more about rose gold, you need to find out how to wear a rose gold bangle. From mixing it with your other jewelry to choosing certain outfits, the colors play a very important role.

Outfit colors & a rose gold bangle

If you want to make your jewelry stand out, choose to wear a rose gold bangle with nude or neutral tones. A beige dress, for example, with soft cream stilettos and a rose gold bangle will look absolutely gorgeous. The best outfit colors to wear with rose gold are nude shades, as well as black, white, gray, cream and navy.

Rose gold jewelry & other jewelry metals

A great thing about a rose gold bangle is that you can pair it with almost any other jewelry metal. A great styling idea is to stack your bangles and wear white, yellow and rose gold together. You can also wear your rose gold bangle with yellow or white gold rings, as well as platinum earrings or silver necklaces. When combining metals like this, however, you need to make sure there is a common element that unites them.

Gemstone jewelry & a rose gold bangle

When it comes to pairing your gemstone jewelry with a rose gold bangle, there is no better option than turquoise. Its amazing color perfectly balances the rose gold’s color, creating a stunning look. You can match a turquoise necklace with a rose gold bangle, for example. You can also buy a rose gold cuff bracelet featuring a turquoise stone.

But just because rose gold looks fantastic with turquoise, it doesn’t mean that you can’t match it with other gemstones as well. In fact, because of its unique tone, rose gold looks great with any gemstone. When you pair it with opals, pearls, moonstone or other similar gems, it will look very romantic. A rose gold bangle paired with onyx, dark sapphires or emeralds will create a dramatic effect. Last, but not least, diamonds, cubic zirconia, and clear crystals will look very elegant and classy with rose gold.

The rose gold bangle is quickly becoming a timeless accessory, similar to pearl earrings and diamond studs. It is an ideal choice for a formal event or a night out but, if you pair it with subtle jewelry, you can also wear it to the office. And since now you know how to style your rose gold bangle, it’s time to get one!

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