Your new favourite piece? A solid gold bracelet. Just like the ones you can find in our unique solid gold jewelry collections. But before that, take a moment to read about how to style trendy bracelets. Our fine guest today is the solid gold bracelet. Because the time has come to pick your accessories efficiently and style them like a pro. The often overlooked solid gold bracelet is what will take your look from simple to sleek and from regular to glam. Follow these tips on how to style this fantastic jewelry piece to take your accessory style skills to the next level.

Less is Still More

When it comes to styling your solid gold bracelet, the saying less is more still rings true. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and pair different pieces with each other. Please do. There are just a few key rules to keep you from overdoing it. Remember these simplifying tips when styling your solid gold bracelet to have each piece complement each other instead of clash.

Commit to the Tone

Do not match a solid gold bracelet with a copper ring or even with a silver necklace if you don’t have a unifying element. Mixing metals without a jewelry piece that contains both of them creates a messy overall look. Consider the best tone of gold to stand out with your skin colour and commit to it. Then, coordinate your rings, earrings and necklaces to the same type of gold. Picking out which accessories to wear will be much easier when your metals already match. Mixing gold with other materials such as pearls or leather is allowed. Mixing materials can make your accessories more dynamic.

One Colour Scheme

Your accessories should create a colour scheme that elevates the colours in your outfit. For example, if you have a chunky solid gold bracelet inlaid with gemstones, add on accessories that have the same colours as the gemstones. Also, consider the colour of your outfit. A flaming red dress does not need more red in the accessories. Choose a colour scheme that’s softer when wearing bright coloured clothes. If your outfit is monochrome in black or a navy, feel free to bring in the colour with your accessories. Remember to have a common thread in the accessories.

Choose Your Focus Point

If you’ve already found your groove with stacking bracelets, keep the focus of your accessories there. Stacking two wrists with bracelets without looking like a beach hawker is a skill. Flaunt it. The rule is to then minimize the other accessories. Choose studs instead of long dangling earrings, wear just one ring and skip on the necklace. On the other hand, if your chandelier necklace is the star, choose a solitary simple solid gold bracelet like a twisted gold chain bracelet.

Effectively Styling a Solid Gold Bracelet

There are endless designs to choose from when picking out a solid gold bracelet. When shopping for the perfect solid gold bracelet, imagine how it would compliment your style and when you’ll wear it. The goal of gold is to have you feel fabulous all day long, not bothered by your jewelry choices. Remember this rule to stay happy with your purchase.

Stay Functional

Your jewelry should not get in the way of your daily tasks. If you give presentations regularly, then a cuff bracelet would be a better design than a noisy charm bracelet. Are you worried a solid gold bracelet might snag or be chewed on when running around with your toddlers? Choose a solid chunky bangle. Just as accessories need to fit your clothes, bracelets need to fit your lifestyle.

Match Your Look

What is the look you are trying to achieve? A solid gold bracelet can be just as effective in a casual look as in a glamorous look. A charm bracelet can add an intricate feminine detail to your jeans-and T-shirt outfit. Want to feel more powerful in your business dress? Wear a gold cuff bracelet with jade stones in the design. Or for your boho chic dress, pile up the bracelets with more elaborate detailing and stones. Adjust the design and accessory pairing of your solid gold bracelet with the message you are trying to convey. Let the piece complete the look instead of feeling like an afterthought. Sometimes, a bracelet isn’t necessary. If you are wearing a suit jacket or long puffy sleeves, a bracelet is not your key accessory.

Having a few solid gold bracelets that can be paired together but also carry a look on their own is a great investment. Start with key pieces like a solid gold bracelet and build up your jewelry box from there. Read on for more tips and inspiration on styling your accessories and don’t forget to visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop to view our fantastic limited-edition creations.


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