Bring powerful symbols into your jewelry with an Egyptian eye amulet bracelet. This ancient Egyptian symbol is also known as the Wedjat Eye or Eye of Horus. It can be a magical addition to your charm bracelet or worn as an individual bracelet. And because on Ana Luisa’s blog you always find out how to style trendy bracelets, read on. Continue reading to dive deeper into the symbolism of the eye of Horus. See how this all-seeing eye belongs on your wrist.

What Does the Egyptian Eye Amulet Bracelet Mean?

There is a lot of myth surrounding this ancient Egyptian symbol and not all of the stories line up. Ask your history buff uncle for more details on the legends surrounding the Wedjat eye. Spoiler alert, it involves jealousy, deities and ripped apart body parts.

What you really want to know is what the Wedjat eye symbolizes when worn as an eye amulet bracelet. Wearers believe the Wedjat eye is a protective amulet that wards off evil and jealous intentions. So, this is the jewelry piece that you wear when you are the only bridesmaid that is already engaged.

The ancient Egyptians also believed the symbol had healing properties. This relates to the myth surrounding the symbol where Osiris was brought back to life when his lost eye was returned to him by his son Horus. Though this is an impressive story, we cannot verify its healing properties. But maybe you should start with your morning coffee before you go search for an ‘amulet man’ like the ancient Egyptians would.

The ancient Egyptian wore amulets because they believed these symbols had magical properties, too. Again, we have no details on the spells but it doesn’t hurt to bring a little magic into your life with an Egyptian eye amulet bracelet.

What Kind of Bracelet Should Your Wear?

An eye amulet bracelet can have different chain designs but we recommend the amulet itself to be a solid metal. The kind of bracelet that you choose should complement your style. Here are a few style inspirations for an Egyptian eye amulet bracelet.

Bangle Amulet

A bangle bracelet is a fun and feminine design. It works great with a more bohemian or Arabic inspired look but its delicate design also adds depth to a simple jeans and tee outfit.

Gold bangles will make the eye amulet bracelet look delicate and like you’ve pulled it straight out of a princess’ treasure chest.

eye amulet bracelet

For a more modern and casual look, replace the gold bangle with leather strands and a stainless steel amulet. Black leather strands work for your inner rock chick. If you prefer something softer then look for colorful suede strands, sort of like a tassel bracelet.

Works like a Charm

You can also add the Wadjet eye to your charm bracelet. Choose a strong solid metal for the amulet to avoid any scratches from the other charms.

Have you become more interested in symbolism? Create a charm bracelet that is full of them. Add other good luck charms and protective amulets like the hamsa hand, shamrock or a healing crystal.

Tagged for an Eye Amulet Bracelet

A tag bracelet design works great for an amulet. Think of the eye amulet as what would otherwise be the engraved plate.

A tag bracelet is usually a thinner chain which lets the amulet stand out in this piece. Let the metal of the eye amulet be the same as the color of the chain. This keeps the piece subtle and chic.

You can try on different chain designs. A snake chain is very classic and so is a ball chain. If you would like a statement piece then choose a more intricate chain design like a Singapore chain or Figaro chain. Decide whether you want your Wedjat eye to be the clear focal point or if you would like the entire bracelet to stand out.

What About Other Jewelry?

It can be tricky to pair an eye amulet bracelet with other jewelry pieces. Pairing an eye amulet bracelet with jewelry pieces that are full of color and detail takes away from the style lines of the Wedjat eye. So, keep your other jewelry pieces simple when wearing a Wedjat eye amulet bracelet.

For the necklace choose a plain solid chain, if possible in the same chain design as the bracelet. Your earrings shouldn’t have other symbols but rather clean lines like a hoop or string earring.

We also recommend you keep colorful gemstones to a minimum. If you do love sparkle then wear earrings or a band ring with clear stones.

Keep the negativity at bay with a Wedjat eye amulet bracelet and channel a little bit of Cleopatra’s strength. You can find more bracelet inspiration in our other articles.

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