The different types of earrings trending this year are a natural evolution of the latest fall/winter collections. Expect to see elevated versions of last year’s biggest hits. The hottest earrings for 2019 are bigger and classier. Also, expect to see each earring trend in gold or worked into a leather piece.

What you need to remember about jewelry for this year is that it is okay to be different. Re-work classics and find unexpected matches. For more details and to discover how to buy fashion earrings, read on to stay up-to-date on the best earring styles for this year.

  1. Non-Classic Pearl Earrings

The new pearl earring designs of 2019 are fresh and whimsical. Imagine each different types of earrings that are basics in your jewelry collection but with pearls. Hoop earrings, drop earrings and studs, all kinds are now more chic thanks to pearls.

pearl drop earrings

Designers give the traditional pearl earring more edge by adding colored gemstones. Think of unexpected combos like pearls and leather or jade and pearl hoop earrings. Anything goes with pearls now. Pearls are no longer limited to the title of fancy gemstone.

  1. Seeing Sea Shells Shine

We are staying close to the ocean with the sea shell earring trend. Shells are making waves in the jewelry scene. Last season the sea shell jewelry was more natural. In 2019, designers rework sea shells before adding them to jewelry pieces. Think of painted, gold-plated and bejeweled shells on different types of earrings.

Sea shells are no longer just a detail on your earrings but the true star. Jewelry designers are combing different kinds of shells into one earring. Also, expect the largest sea shells you have ever seen. You can now buy and wear the kind of sea shell that you always hoped to find on the beach.

  1. Ear Cuffs: Armour for Your Ears

You are probably already used to wearing ear cuffs that are small hugging hoops. Well babe, it is time to amp up your ear cuff. Many different types of earrings that are trending this year are an exaggeration of basics. The hot new ear cuff style does just that. This year’s ear cuffs cover the entire side of the ear like armour.

Prefer to wear several earrings instead of one big earring? Then this style still works for you. Gather a series of different cuffs. Mix and match designs, gemstones and sizes to create texture. Line them along your ear and voila – a self-made ear armour that is right on trend.

  1. Rapunzel, Let Down Your Long Earring

Another exaggerated version of a basic different types of earrings is the long dangling earring. What’s the longest earring that you have ever worn? We’ll bet that it didn’t go far beyond your shoulders, if that. Prepare yourself for some extra length! This year, the longer the earring the better. Expect earrings that extend all the way to bottom of your sternum or beyond.

The point of wearing earrings that reach up to your waste is to dazzle everyone that you meet. Don’t even think about a minimalist design. These kinds of earrings need gemstones and color. Lots and lots of gemstones and color. Think of it this way; by wearing this earring style you only need to wear one piece of jewelry to complete your look.

  1. Keeping the Circle Open

Hoop earrings will never go out of style. Of the different types of earrings, hoop earrings are definitely the most versatile. Another reason why we love hoops so much is that there is always a new twist to the classic with each season. What is the twist this time? Designers are keeping the hoop earring open. This creates shapes like horns and half-moons.

Another noticeable design feature of the hoop earring is that they are chunkier this year. In fact, all different types of earrings are chunkier this season. This is a natural continuation of the chunky link chain necklaces of last fall/winter shows. For spring/summer 2019, the chunky link chains are hanging from your ears.

  1. Asymmetry in Different Types of Earrings

Asymmetry is the new standard in different types of earrings. Spot asymmetry in many forms – from a subtle pair of baroque pearl earrings to a single big statement earring. Other ways designers keep different types of earrings asymmetrical is by layering them. Think strands of different lengths or joined hoops of different sizes.

earrings for woman

Style asymmetrical earrings whichever way you want. The point is that you have fun and make a statement. You can let the earrings be the focus of your look by wearing earthy solid colors with your hair up. The other option is to go all in and play with color blocking and mixing patterns.

Which one of the different types of earrings is your favorite trend so far? Let us know and, if you don’t already see it in our online jewelry shop, you may. If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure to check out our other articles as well. We publish daily content that offers you not only styling inspiration but also informational buying and care & maintenance guides. If you want to get any of the designs featured in this article and see our collection of unique earrings for women, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Fair warning, though. Our unique jewelry designs create addiction.

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