Ana Luisa is the go-to place for fashionable earrings and unique designer jewelry. But, of course, since all of our designs are unique, some of them may fit your style better than others. After all, each woman is unique and her personal style speaks about her story. So, if you want to buy fashion earrings according to your style, read further. We have selected seven fabulous designs, one for each fashion style.

Fashionable earrings according to your personal style

When you buy jewelry it’s important to get pieces that fit your clothes and other accessories. If you like to dress elegantly in silk and stain, a leather choker or a pair of wood earrings may not be ideal for you. And because at Ana Luisa we design earrings for women with a flawless personal style, here are our top picks of fashionable earrings.

Vintage & Retro Charm

You have at least three pairs of mom jeans and a whole collection of oversized sunglasses which you accessorize with your retro swimsuit. Your style is charming and inspires people. This is why we believe the Kinoko Enamel earrings in red are ideal for you. With a cool design and a retro vibe, these fashionable earrings are great to wear whenever you want to make an impression. Accessorize them with a headscarf and a pair of big sunglasses and you will instantly transform in a 60s diva ready for her cocktail party.

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Bohemian Romance

Exotic textures, hippie-inspired looks, and artsy accessories fill your wardrobe. Your long summer dresses, suede skirts, and fringe blouses will look fabulous with Ana Luisa’s Love Enamel linear drop earrings. Full of color and with metallic tassels, these fashionable earrings will always go great with your relaxed hairstyle and positive attitude. Match them with your Indian bangles, charm bracelets, and gemstone-inspired flats.

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Smart Chic Story

Let us take a wild guess. You have a lot of black and white clothing, tailored blazers, cigarette pants and an entire collection of black pumps. You manage to be elegant and casual at the same time and your style is gorgeous. Your fashionable earrings by Ana Luisa can be no others than the Abby hoop earrings. With a delicate brilliance and a versatile design, these earrings will look fantastic with your turtleneck winter sweater and straight leg cream pants.

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Sexy Confidence

Deep-V necklines, little black dresses and pencil skirts look amazing on you, especially when you match them with your red stiletto shoes. You believe in making a statement with your clothes and are bold enough to show your best features. Your fashionable earrings are the sexy large 14k gold hoops by Ana Luisa. Wear them with your choker necklace and a stylish ponytail for a fun and irresistible look.

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Sporty Attitude

You like your clothes to be comfortable and chic at the same time. You wear colorful sneakers, denim shorts and have a great collection of print T-shirts. The next time you put on your beanie and I-woke-up-like-this smile, add the Luna stud earrings by Ana Luisa. With a polished and versatile design, these fashionable earrings look fabulous with your charm bracelets, pendant necklaces or colorful scarves. Put on your denim jacket as well and you are ready for your next adventure.

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Sophisticated Statement

Your dressing features unique designer pieces from every great fashion trend. You devour Vogue and are always looking to up your fashion game. From luxury pieces to fabulous vintage findings, you are always in the market for more style. And because of that, your fashionable earrings by Ana Luisa are the Lily statement earrings. With a unique freeform design, these earrings are a statement of fashion. Pair them with your velvet dress, lacquer boots, and a classy hairstyle to emphasize their beauty.

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Rocker Boldness

You may have gotten in trouble with your ripped jeans and leather chokers in high school, but now your style has a chance to shine. You love your leather jackets, stud boots, and interesting hairstyles. When it comes to fashionable earrings for you, check out the mini 14k gold twisted hoop earrings by Ana Luisa. They are ideal to stack if you have more piercings and will look fabulous with your metallic choker and leather pants. Or, if you want to go for a more minimal look, just wear one of these earrings and let your hair do the talking.

Earrings for woman

As you can see, at Ana Luisa we feature fashionable earrings for every style. If you didn’t find your style on this list, don’t worry. We have plenty more designer creations which you can see by visiting Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Each of our designs is limited-edition, so make sure you get the earrings your love now.

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