Hoop earrings are this season’s hottest jewelry piece. Ideal for everyday or even formal wear, a pair of hoops is great to own. But since jewelry fashion has a way of diversifying classic pieces and creating new exciting styles, you can now find different types of hoops. Which hoop earrings you get it’s up to you, of course. But we have decided to make your choice easier and let you know what to look for when buying hoops. Read further to discover different hoop styles and ideas.

Clasps for hoop earrings

One of the first things you should take a look at is the clasp. Some women can’t wear certain types of clasps, depending on the anatomy of their ear, sensitivity of the skin and, last, but not least, comfort. Comfort is very important when wearing earrings because if your earlobes get uncomfortable, you won’t wear those earrings again. No matter how much you love them.

With hoop earrings you mostly get five types of clasps:

  • The hollow-sleeve closure is the most common hoop clasp, especially for big hoop earrings that create a full circle. On one end on the earring, there is a thin post that goes through the other hollow end. The tension between the post and the hollow end holds the earrings together.
  • The snap-hinged closure consists of thin post on a hinge on one end of your earring and a Y-shaped piece on the other end. The earring closes when the post snaps down into the Y-shaped piece.
  • The post is a type of clasp you can see on hoops that don’t form a full circle. It just goes through the ear piercing and you secure it with a back piece. For heavy hoops, this type of closure may not be a great idea because it puts a lot of pressure on your earlobe.
  • The hidden clasp is very popular because it gives the illusion that there is no clasp. In fact, there is a snap-hinged mechanism, but the hoop extends above the clasp.
  • The hook is a simple mechanism that uses a hook to secure the earring. The hoop earrings that feature a hook mechanism are also dangle

Hoop earring sizes

Hoops come in different sizes and even styles, as you are about to find out. Each size means something else, so let’s see what hoop size you should get according to your style.

  1. Oversized hoops are great for bold women who love to attract attention. A pair of oversized hoops looks great with a tank top, cuff jeans, and a headband. However, oversized hoops are less versatile than other types of hoop earrings. You can wear them to a night out or to a cocktail party, but we don’t recommend you to wear them to work or to a business meeting.

hoop earrings

2. Medium-sized hoops are a classic. They are versatile can be matched with both a formal and a casual outfit. Women with a classy and fun style prefer medium hoops.

hoop earrings


3. Small hoops are great to wear every single day, no matter the outfit. They look great with anything and add a feminine touch to your style. Women who love subtle elegance and showcasing their feminine side love small hoop earrings.

hoop earrings

4. Huggies are very tiny hoops. Their cute name comes from the fact that it seems like they hug the earlobe. Huggies are wonderful to wear anytime. Women with a minimalist and contemporary style love huggies.

hoop earrings

5. Cartilage hoops are great for rebellious women with a punk-rock style. You can wear these hoop earrings along with other earrings or stack them together. No matter what you choose, cartilage hoops will offer your style a particular edge.

Hoop earrings styles

There is more than just one style of hoop earrings. In fact, jewelry fashion is very creative and you can find many hoop styles today. To help you choose, we have selected a couple of our favorites.

  1. Sculptured hoops

Sculptured hoop earrings are very elegant and fashionable. They completely transform any outfit and add a unique elegance to it. This type of hoop earrings is more formal than simple hoops, but it looks and feels amazing.

hoop earrings

  1. Gemstone hoops

Gemstone hoop earrings are also refined and elegant. They can feature a single type of gemstone or more. Diamond hoops with diamonds set in a channel are particularly elegant and great to wear on a formal occasion.


  1. Geometric hoops

This type of hoop earrings is contemporary and edgy. They look amazing with minimalist outfits and offer a cool twist to your style. You can find many creative geometric hoop styles on the market.

earrings for woman

Hoop earrings are here to stay and we welcome them. And because we love them as much as you do, we have designed a wonderful hoops collection. Check out Ana Luisa online shop to view our unique designer hoops with gorgeous styles.

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