We truly believe that our lives wouldn’t be complete without statement earrings. Gorgeous, elegant and attention-grabbing, statement earrings are always fashionable. But do you know which style works best for you? If not, don’t worry. We have prepared a fun article for you so that you can discover the perfect pair of earrings. Read on to find out how to buy fashion earrings according to your personal style.

Why does the style matter for statement earrings?

To the one admiring your earrings, the style doesn’t matter as much. But it matters to you. We believe that all statement earrings are gorgeous, but we also believe in feeling good when wearing your jewelry. If you get yourself a pair of earrings that do not match your style, you will feel uncomfortable wearing them. For example, if you have a contemporary style and like to wear edgy jewelry, it may not be such a good idea to get a pair of classic pearl clusters. You will find it difficult to style them with your clothes and it will be uncomfortable to wear them.

Luckily for you, there are earrings designs for every style. All you have to do is discover them and add them to your jewelry collection. So, without further ado, here are the statement earrings you should get, depending on your personal style.

Agate & pearl earrings for a colorful, boho-chic style

agate jewelry

If you love your maxi skirts, crop tops, and colorful dresses and accessories, then we have the perfect pair of statement earrings for you. These gorgeous agate & pearl earrings below have an artistic design and the perfect mix of gemstones. Freshwater pearls and red agate make a stunning combination, which is also unusual. Just like your style. You can wear these beautiful gold earrings with crop tops and high-waist jeans. You can also style them with a colorful gown at a formal event or try them with your flowy maxi dress and strappy suede sandals. Regarding your other jewelry, these statement earrings work with gold necklaces, beaded bracelets and even the anklets that you love so much.

 Statement earrings for a bold & sexy style

earrings for women

You are confident and are never afraid of mini skirts and bodycon dresses. You love celebrating your body and your style is amazing. And because you like your clothes to be minimal, but your jewelry maximal, we have a great suggestion for you. These stunning gold earrings have a freeform design, a sleek texture, and an amazing look. You can style them with your off-the-shoulder mini black dress or wear them with a crop top and shorts. Accessorize these beautiful statement earrings with your gold choker necklaces, chain bracelets, and cocktail rings.

Statement earrings for a contemporary style

unique earrings

You know all of the hottest trends before they emerge and fashion magazines never miss from your home. Your dressing features stunning pieces that you combine in a unique way. You especially like metallic accents and asymmetrical cuts. This is why we recommend this fantastic pair of statement earrings with pearls and red beads. With an edgy design, lustrous high-grade pearls and brilliant red beads, these earrings will look fantastic with your designer clothes. Style them with your wrap dresses, metallic pleated skirts and accessorize them with your layered necklaces and chunky cuff bracelets.

Twisted gold hoops for a playful style

yellow gold earrings

Fun, unique and bold, your style is amazing. You love to experiment and combine different types of jewelry. You have a big collection of jeans and sneakers and graphic tees to go with them. This is why we believe that these big gold twisted hoops are ideal for you. You can accessorize these earrings with your pendant necklaces, charm bracelets, and anklets and you can wear them with your graphic T-shirt dresses and leather pants.

Pearl cluster earrings for an elegant style

cluster earrings

You love the classic elegance of long pearl necklaces, A-line dresses, and tailored trousers. People rarely see you without your stiletto shoes and you have an entire collection of jewel clutches. And because we love your elegant style, we have the perfect pair of statement earrings for you. These fabulous pearl earrings feature clusters of freshwater pearls with high luster. They will look amazing with your silk blouses, elegant gowns, and tailored blazers. You can also style them with your pearl necklaces, solitaire rings, and tennis bracelets.

If you enjoyed discovering the perfect pair of statement earrings for you, then check out the rest of our other articles. We publish daily content where you can find styling inspiration, care guides and jewelry buying tips. So, whenever you are looking for inspiration or want to find more about gemstones and jewelry, just head out to this blog. Read our blog articles and become a jewelry expert in no time.

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