Linear drop earrings are a particular type of dangle earrings. The earring has a vertical design that hangs down the ear. It’s the thinner sister of the chandelier earrings. What we love about linear drop earrings is that they are sleek but still glam. Also, their simplicity fits with most face shapes. Don’t think that the vertical design limits your options. There is so much that the jeweler can work with. Let us guide you through some styles so that you know what to get when you buy fashion earrings.

The Bar Drop Earring

This is the minimalist version of linear drop earrings. A bar drop earring is exactly what it sounds like, a bar-shaped earring that hangs below the earlobe. The bar shape gained popularity among the hipsters for its effortless appearance. There is an industrial quality to the bar drop earring that we love for when we want to look edgier. A bar drop earring that is gold plated is also sleek enough for office wear. It makes a statement in the most nonchalant way.

Studded Linear Drop Earrings

A vertical line of gemstones is super chic. This is what you wear when you want to look glam without going over the top. Go for diamonds when you want to go for a classic look. Choose a pair that incorporates several semi-precious stones for a daytime look. The mixing of gemstones is also right on trend.

For a more feminine feel choose a design that has rounded gemstones. This will contrast the linear design of the earring. You can also create a vintage vibe with gemstones in an intricate setting.

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A Surprise at the Bottom

Our favorite linear drop earrings style combines a threader earring with a drop earring. We are talking about a simple chain drop earring that has a pendant at the bottom. This can be a very simple shape like a triangle or ball or a more quirky shape like a studded stiletto.

Right on trend right now are linear drop earrings that have a hoop at the bottom. This is like wearing two earrings in one. For this style, you can have fun with mixing different materials. For example, a silver chain with a wooden hoop.

Descending Shapes

Another cute linear drop earrings style is when the designer has created a cascade of shapes. This style looks like you have tiny objects floating freely next to your face. Just like magic.

For this style, we like pieces that are a solid metal like silver or rose gold. This makes the earring more elegant and intricate. Think of shapes like leaves, stars or elephants. Anything that is fun and makes you smile.

How To Pair Linear Drop Earrings

Pairing linear drop earrings with other jewelry pieces is actually quite easy. You can either continue the shape in the other pieces or create a contrast of shapes. When the earrings already have a distinct shape in the design, try to find other pieces with the same shape. For example, a hoop in the earring can translate to a bracelet with a circle.

You can also create continuity with color. Use the colors of the gemstones or the pendants in the shape to create a color pattern. If there are several colors in the earring you can choose just one or two that you’d like to bring back in other pieces.

Linear drop earrings work really with a necklace. Put emphasis on the length by wearing a rope necklace or lariat. This will also elongate your neck. These long earrings also work well with a choker. This keeps the attention to your face.

What To Wear with Linear Drop Earrings

Since this earring design hangs low, your neckline should be lower too. Think off-the-shoulder dresses and deep v-necks. A low rounded neckline is also a pretty contrast to the linear shape of the earrings. Give the earrings space to show off your features by baring your collarbone.

Depending on the design, the earrings can be worn on both casual days and for formal events. For casual days the earrings make your outfit more feminine. Even when you are wearing boyfriend jeans and a band shirt. For formal wear, we like gemstone designs. What is more glam than a string of sparkling precious stones?

This was our introduction to linear drop earrings. It is one of the simpler earring design but that is exactly what we love about it. This earring style does wonders to elongate your facial features and neck. Even women with a round shaped face will feel balanced out by the right pair of linear danglers. Would you like to read more about earrings styles and how to wear them? Keep reading through our article collection for inspiration on earrings and other jewelry pieces.

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