Everybody loves pearl earrings, but do you know which ones to get? With so many designs out there it’s easy to get confused. Which is why we have created a fun guide to help you choose the best pair of pearl earrings according to your star sign. Read further to find out more and learn how to buy fashion earrings. And even if you don’t believe in star signs, that’s ok. The styling inspiration still remains so get reading.

Pearl Earrings for Aquarius

agate jewelry

Aquarius women have a unique style and personality. They love to play with trends, mix different materials and create unusual and chic looks. As a result, why we recommend to you a pair of pearl earrings with freshwater rice pearls and red agate. These stunning statement earrings feature a unique mix if gemstones and will look gorgeous with your other jewelry. Wear them with your boho-chic outfits or style them with your flowy dresses.

Pearl drops for Pisces

Portland jewelers

These delicate and unique earrings were made for a woman born under the sign of Pisces. Always classy with a contemporary twist, Pisces women pay attention to details and love to own unique jewelry. Hence, we believe these gorgeous pearl drop earrings featuring baroque freshwater pearls are perfect for you. Due to their delicate design, you can wear them with layered necklaces and style them with your tailored blazers.

Pearl hoop earrings for Aries

pearl earrings

Fiery, adventurous and always up for a challenge, Aries women also dress elegantly. They love gold, chunky designs and, above everything else, brilliance and luster. Ana Luisa’s Sara hoops are perfect for you. With thick gold hoops and lustrous Swarovski pearls, these earrings are fabulous. They perfectly match your bold style and you can wear them with your collar necklaces, chunky cuff bracelets and wrap dresses.

Pearl earrings for Taurus

pearl earrings

You can recognize a woman born under the Taurus sign by her classic and elegant style. Taurus women are always feminine, they adore pearls and like to dress up every time they go out. There is no pair of earrings better for you than Ana Luisa’s small pearl studs. With freshwater pearls with high luster and a classic design, these earrings will look fabulous with your princess-length pearl necklace and midi dresses in boat necklines.

Pearl earrings for Gemini

Pearl hoop earrings

Gemini women have a delicate style and they always pay attention to details. They feel close to nature so they love nature-inspired designs in their jewelry. This is why we believe our Cloud earrings with freshwater pearl charms are ideal for you. Playful, stylish and contemporary, these pearl earrings are great to wear to any occasion. Style them with your coin pendants and anklets to get a fashionable and elegant look.

Pearl studs for Cancer

trendy stud earrings

Women born under the sign of Cancer love versatile jewelry that they can style easily. They wear comfortable clothes, but they can also be very elegant depending on the situation. They don’t like big jewelry that gets in their way, which is why we believe these mini pearl earrings are perfect for you.  Wear them every single day and style them with your jeans, graphic tees and even sneakers.

Thick pearl hoops for Leo

You can usually sport a Leo woman standing in front of a mirror and admiring her own reflection. This is not vanity, it is simply confidence. A Leo woman is always sexy and bold and she’s not afraid to show how confident she is about herself. She loves jewelry that catches the light and she is always full of ideas for styling her fabulous pieces. These thick hoop earrings with freshwater pearls and cubic zirconia are great for you.

Pearl earrings for Virgo

pink gemstones

Feminine and always chic, Virgo women know fashion and they know how to achieve an impeccable look every time they get out of the house. These pearl drop earrings in a stunning coral color are great for you. You get to wear them with your flower rings and style them with your chiffon blouses and silk dresses.

Pearl drop earrings for Libra

unique earrings

Libra women draw attention with their unusual and impeccable style. Every single detail in their outfit is perfectly worked out and they look simply fabulous. Libra women love detailed jewelry that is elegant and unique. This is why we recommend to you our stunning Anni pearl earrings. With a mix of big lustrous pearls and brilliant red beads, these earrings will draw attention to your fabulous style.

Cluster earrings for Scorpio

cluster earrings

A Scorpio woman has a chameleonic style and she loves to experiment. Bold and stylish, Scorpio women love jewelry that represents their personality. If this is the case with you, then you should get these gorgeous pearl earrings featuring a cluster of flawless freshwater pearls. Style them with your oversized link necklaces and chunky rings to obtain an edgy look.

Colored pearl drop earrings for Sagittarius

Confident, expressive and playful, Sagittarius woman love jewelry that is full of color and charm. And guess what? We have the perfect drops for you. These stylish pearl drops in a stunning sage color are ideal to wear with your solid color A-line dresses and patterned clothes.

Royal blue pearl earrings for Capricorn

summer jewelry

When it comes to style, Capricorn women are flawless. They are always elegant and their style is mesmerizing. Just like these gorgeous drops with their royal blue color. They will work wonderfully with your elegant gowns, tailored trousers, and sharp blazers.

If you enjoyed discovering the perfect earrings for you, check out the rest of our articles for more styling inspiration. To see more unique pearl jewelry designs, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our fabulous creations.

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