Solid gold hoops are still in trend. In fact, with so many styles available, this trend has become a universe in its own. Every woman owns at least a pair of solid gold hoops but this year’s designs bring more boldness to the classic hoop earrings. Because we know you love to buy fashion earrings and you also love solid gold hoops, we have put together a list of our favorite designs. Read further to discover which styles of solid gold hoops we expect to see this season and where you can get them.

XL Solid Gold Hoops

Bolder and more irresistible, large solid gold hoops are a fantastic fashion statement. Don’t be afraid to wear large earrings. This year’s solid gold hoops come in oversized designs that everybody adores. Another great thing about large solid gold hoops is that you can wear them with your hair down as well and they will still be visible. Glam, beautiful and bold, XL solid gold hoops must not miss from your jewelry box.

When wearing these oversized hoop earrings, you can skip on the necklace or simply choose a subtle piece. A thin gold choker or a dainty chain necklace will look gorgeous with your solid gold hoops and complete your outfit. You can bring back the glam of gold in your ring and wear a single gold band. Try a feminine look with a wrap midi dress and suede sandals or go for the classic mom jeans and crop top. The world is your oyster and large solid gold hoops are very easy to style.

Triple Hoop Earrings

A hoop earring within a hoop within another hoop, what do you say about that? Yep, we’ve all seen Inception and we have to say that the triple hoop earring is a fabulous trend. As opposed to large solid gold hoops, triple hoop earrings don’t need to be oversized. In fact, a pair of medium-sized earrings will look amazing and draw attention to your features.

A great choice for contemporary women who love to adopt new trends, triple hoops look great with a layered necklace and stacked thin gold bangles. Complete the layered look with a dress in a neutral color that will act as a canvass for your jewelry.

Pearl Hoop Earrings

You love pearls and you love solid gold hoops, so what do you say about having both of them in one earring? The classic pearl studs or cluster earrings are still pretty and elegant, but pearl hoop earrings are the newest craze. Combining the best features of two trends, pearl hoop earrings are simply addictive, which means that you will never want to take them off.

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Just like with triple hoops, you don’t have to choose an oversized design. In order for this creation to work, the hoop needs to be small or medium-sized and let the pearl take the stage. Pearl hoop earrings are very elegant so you can wear them with a tailored white blazer, crop trousers, and a dainty gold chain necklace. Add a solitaire pearl ring and you have the recipe for a perfect outfit.

Twisted Solid Gold Hoops

Add a fun twist to your outfit with a pair of twisted solid gold hoops. When it comes to this design, any size works. From mini solid gold hoops to oversized designs, you can basically wear any type of twisted hoop earrings. For a more classic look, choose a large pair of twisted solid gold hoops and accessorize it with a flowery dress and a cashmere blazer.

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To add a little bit of edge to your look, choose small or mini twisted solid gold hoops and wear more of them on different parts of your ear. A pair of black leather pants and a graphic tee will look fantastic with this look. To complete the layered impression, stack a couple of bangles and you are ready to rock.

Zodiac Hoops

We named it. Zodiac jewelry is a big trend this season, so it’s time to dive into your inner astrologist and get a pair of zodiac hoops. As opposed to large solid gold hoops, this design usually comes in a medium size. The hoop earring doesn’t need to take the stage, but the zodiac charm attached to it does. Find a pair that features your astrological sign and rock that mysterious zodiac look.

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You can wear a pair of zodiac hoops with a gold coin necklace and a signet ring. Choose a mini skirt in a vibrant color and a tee in a neutral color to create a fashionable look. As a bonus, a pair of zodiac hoop earrings is a great conversation starter at any party, whether you believe in astrological signs or not.

Chunky Hoop Earrings

What is the difference between large solid gold hoops and chunky hoop earrings? The thickness. Large solid gold hoops are usually thin, while chunky hoops are both oversized and thick. They make for great fashion statements and look gorgeous no matter how you choose to wear your hair. Of course, they can be more difficult to style than large solid gold hoops, but we got your back.

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When you wear chunky hoops, simply skip on the necklace. Your other jewelry, like your bracelets or rings needs to be minimal. A thin bangle or chain bracelet and a simple gold band will look great with chunky hoops. Choose simple clothes and let the hoops be the center of attention.

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