We can no longer ignore pearl earrings. They are back, prettier than ever and in endless varieties. That is also where you might struggle. With so many choices, which style is best for you?

Well, we like dressing for the occasion so there is not a single style. Secretly, this is just an excuse to buy more pearl earrings. You are welcome! Or maybe you are already a proud pearl earring owner. In that case, take a look at our cheat sheet for all the pearl earrings you may ever need. Maybe you are still missing a few.

Scroll down for the best pearl earring style for each type of occasion and learn how to buy fashion earrings.

  1. Pearl Studs for the Days with Kids

Hello teachers, parents and babysitters! Studs are the answer to looking polished while having kids run around you all day. No risk of snags on clothing or curious fingers clutching your earrings with these pearl babies.

freshwater pearls

What we love about this type of pearl earrings is that they add even more class to your look. Even when you are staying comfortable with jeans and a tee, pearls elevate the look. Trust us, it works every time.

Pearl studs work with most simple jewelry styles but they are also pretty enough to carry your look on their own. So, you can pair them with your signature jewelry pieces or skip the other pieces, entirely.

  1. Single Drop Pearl Earrings for the Office

A drop earring with a single pearl appreciates their natural beauty. Think of the pearl earrings as a representation of you; professional but still feminine. A single drop pearl earrings pair shows you are in control and don’t need overcompensation for anything.

Portland jewelers

We like both silver and gold pearl earrings for an office look. It is up to your personal jewelry style. Stick to the metal that is more present in your jewelry collection. This creates simple cohesion in your pieces without wearing other pearl jewelry.

Is your office clothing mostly black, white, navy, gray and brown? White pearls work with all these colors. However, you can also do something unexpected and wear black pearls instead. It’s something different but still professional.

  1. Pearl Hoops for a Night on the Town

Hoop earrings with pearls are the new modern pearl earring style. Hoops are always fun. Combining these two gives pearls (FKA old jewelry style) a fresh new vibe.

Mothers Day jewelry

Wear pearl earrings in a hoop design for a girls’ night at that trendy new bar or for a romantic date night dinner. Pair them with a bit of bling in your clothing. For example, a light chiffon top that sparkles or a metallic colored dress. This amps up the volume of your nighttime outfit.

For a nighttime look we like gold hoops the best. The warmth of yellow gold and rose gold brings out the shine of white pearls. Wear your pearl earrings with a hoop design for a fun night out and style them with your favorite outfit.

  1. Cluster Pearl Earrings for Cocktail Parties

Cocktails parties are a great excuse for a glow up. Take out all the stops for this look and go for statement pearl earrings; pearl cluster earrings. The more pearls, the better.

pearl drop earrings

There are two ways you can go about this. Either focus on lots and lots of pearls or mix the pearls with even shinier clear crystals. Pearls and crystals together create a definite wow effect while only pearls ooze classic glam. Which way you want to go?

As for cluster pearl earring styles, we like chandelier earrings and pearls gathered in an abstract geometric shape. Chandelier earrings are a classic cocktail dress match. Having the pearls in a geometric shape contrasts their traditional round shape. This gives the pearl earrings a more modern feel.

  1. Pearls and Gemstones for Festivals

We are still crushing on mixing different semi-precious stones. It carried us through the cold winter and we are not letting it go this season. More sunshine just means the gems will sparkle more.

There is something about mixing pearls and gemstones that reminds us of fairy tales. That is why we predict this as the next festival look. After all, festivals are all about color and OTT pieces. Plus, we think all the different colors will look amazing with glow-in-the-dark body paint.

We cannot forget about being comfortable and wearing practical jewelry at festivals, though. So we suggest wearing elaborate pearl earrings and huggies in your piercings and a single statement piece otherwise. You can also go for a mismatched look and wear one big bright earring covered in pearls and semi-precious stones with lots of pearl and gemstone studs and huggies as the support.

Bring back the different gemstones in the rest of your jewelry pieces, too. Go for flat gemstones, though. This way you have less chance of getting snags in a crowd.

One of the reasons why we love pearl earrings so much is that they pretty much come in every shape and style. There are lots of different pearl earrings, so why should your jewelry box feature only one style? Go for delicate and versatile studs, elaborate chandelier pearl earrings and even hoops. The sky is the limit, as they say. If you want to get a pair of unique pearl earrings, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our beautiful pearl jewelry collection.

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