The ball chain necklace is very hot this season. Feminine, delicate and creative, we can’t get enough of this fabulous jewelry piece. And because we know you love it too, we have come with a couple of inspirational ideas on styling ball chain necklaces. As you know, learning how to style necklaces is an important part of creating a memorable look. Read further to discover the ideas that will turn you into a fashion expert while you have fun styling your gorgeous new necklace.

Top 5 ideas for styling a ball chain necklace

Because this jewelry piece is chic and versatile, there are many ways you can wear it. To give you a head start, we have selected our top five favorite ideas on styling a ball chain necklace. Of course, you are also free to experiment and discover new ways of wearing this charming jewelry piece.

Style a rose gold ball chain necklace with a fluffy angora sweater

We simply love how a feminine white or beige angora sweater looks when paired with a rose gold ball chain necklace. However, avoid the turtleneck and choose a sweater with a boat neckline. This way, your rose gold necklace will become a focal point and draw attention to your neck area. To go for a vintage vibe, choose a crop sweater and pair it with an A-line suede skirt and long boots. If you are not a fan of skirts, then you can simply wear your favorite pair of skinny jeans and lacquer boots for a contrasting look.

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And since the ball chain necklace is delicate, you can wear that oversized hoops pair which you never want to take off. You can also play with shapes and choose a pair of linear drop earrings or rose gold triangle earrings. Oh, and one last thing. The deep red lipstick is mandatory.

Style a silver ball chain necklace with a blue velvet dress

As you know, white metals like silver, platinum and white gold look fabulous with dark colors like black, dark green and blue, as well as dark purple and burgundy. Choose a midi velvet dress to emphasize your silver ball chain necklace and add a pair of diamond studs for extra sparkle. Your stiletto shoes are welcomed, as long as they follow the color theme. Add a single cocktail ring with a clear gemstone to complete the look.

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If this sounds too fancy for you, then simply match your velvet dress with burgundy lacquer boots, a leather jacket and a pair of silver threaders to achieve a stylish punk-rock look.

Style a gold ball chain necklace with a tartan shirt

We all love patterns and a tartan shirt can look fabulous for a smart-casual outfit. As gold works great with patterns and vintage styles, you can wear your gold ball chain necklace with this shirt and matched them with a pair of mom jeans. Wear your hair in a messy updo and choose thick but small hoop earrings. You can also stack a couple of bangles to add a creative vibe to your outfit.

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If you want to try a preppy look, simply choose a high-waist skirt in a solid color instead of jeans and add a cocktail ring to your outfit.

Style any ball chain necklace with a pendant

Yes, you can wear a ball chain necklace on its own, but you can also add a pendant to it. The trick is that you have to be very careful when choosing the pendant so that it doesn’t clash with the necklace.

If you have a rose gold ball chain necklace, you can try a simple pendant of the same color or go for a milky-white gemstone like pearls or moonstones. Rose gold usually look fabulous with pearls and adds elegance to your look.

For a silver rose gold necklace, you can try blue or purple gemstone pendants. Think sapphire, amethyst and lapis lazuli. The light blue gemstones like turquoise or aquamarine look better with gold.

And speaking of gold, a ball chain necklace in gold will always look great with deep green gemstones, like emerald and agate, but also black and red pendants. A creative and fun choice would be to add an onyx pendant to your ball chain necklace.

It is needless to say that you also have to take into consideration your outfit. Not all gemstones work with any color, so make sure the color of the pendant doesn’t clash with your blouse or dress.

Style a ball chain necklace with multiple necklaces

Layered necklaces are the trend of 2019, so what are you waiting for? You already have the ball chain necklace, so go ahead and add a long lariat and a short collar-style necklace to your look. The trick to layered necklaces is that they need to have different lengths. Also, careful how you go about mixing metals because it can be tricky to achieve a balanced look when you want to mix gold with silver.

Also, when you layer your necklaces, remember that the overall effect is that of a statement necklace. This means that you don’t need big earrings or a chunky cuff anymore. Keep it stylish by pairing your layered necklace with subtle earrings, like studs, and delicate bangle bracelets.

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