A diamond necklace is an essential piece that every woman loves. However, most women seem to think that diamonds are reserved for a special occasion. We are here to prove you otherwise. Keep on reading to learn how to style necklaces and see how you can wear your diamond necklace every single day if you want to.

Can a diamond necklace be too much?

That depends on the design. You see, diamonds are clear gemstones and they work with basically anything. Their fiery sparkle upgrades any outfit, whether it is your LBD, a silk gown or a simple tee & jeans look. This being said, it all depends on the design of your diamond necklace. If you have a dainty chain necklace with a diamond pendant, then it can never be too much. However, if you have a chunky statement necklace featuring a cluster of diamonds, you might want to avoid wearing that with a crop top and ripped jeans.

Think of the diamond necklace the same way you think about your engagement ring. You don’t take it off just because you feel like wearing shorts and a tank top, do you? It’s the same with your necklace if it has a simple & delicate design. Want to know more? Then let’s see how you can style your diamond necklace every day of the week.

Fresh Monday sparkle

Start your week in a smart-casual way with a diamond pendant necklace and a pair of simple gold studs. Choose a solid color V-neck blouse and a pair of office trousers along with lacquer boots. As you can see, your diamond necklace will look great even with a relaxed outfit.

Tuesday diamond necklace styling

If it’s Tuesday, then it’s time for a hip look. Ditch the classics and try a contemporary mix. Layer your necklace with a thick gold chain necklace and try a pair of mismatched stud earrings. Your jewelry screams for a chic French outfit, such as culottes, a striped turtleneck, and a cute cap.

After work cocktails on Wednesday

Be sexy and stylish with a flowy chiffon dress and contrasting chunky strappy boots. Let your hair down, but wear your diamond necklace along with a pair of gold hoops. Enjoy happy hour looking stylish and gorgeous.

Wearing your diamond necklace on a Thursday

The weekend is almost here, isn’t it? Well, you still got two workdays ahead of you and today you are going to dazzle everybody with an impeccable look. Take out your white suit from the wardrobe and go monochrome with white trousers, a white blouse and white stiletto shoes. Wear your diamond necklace along with a pair of gold linear drop earrings and a chunky gold ring. Did somebody say fashion icon?

Casual Friday & diamonds

If you are among those women who think that diamonds don’t work with jeans, go ahead and try this look. Choose a pair of high-waist mom jeans, a basic grey T-shirt and a pair of colorful sneakers. Wear your diamond necklace along with a couple of think gold bangles and ball stud earrings.

Partying on Saturday

diamond necklace

Unwind, relax and get excited. We know that you have a club night planned today and guess what? We have the perfect outfit suggestion for you. Wear leather shorts, a V-neck silk blouse in a solid color and over-the-knee boots. Accessorize your diamond necklace with big diamond hoop earrings and a cocktail ring. Let your hair down and have fun tonight!

Wearing your diamond necklace to the Sunday brunch

It’s the end of the week and we bet you still haven’t got tired of your diamond necklace. So go ahead and wear it today as well. Get a precious and feminine look by combining diamonds and pearls. Style your necklace with a pair of delicate pearl drop earrings and a solitaire pearl ring. Wear a cashmere jumper in powder pink and simple skinny jeans. Enjoy your brunch!

Diamond know-how by Ana Luisa

If you don’t already own a diamond necklace, then it’s time to get one a.s.a.p. And, by the way, if you are born in April, then you should know that the diamond is your birthstone. All the more reason to get it for yourself or as a present to somebody dear born in April.

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diamond necklace

Whether you are getting out gorgeous diamond jewelry set or our creative & unique diamond birthstone necklace, you can rest assured that you are buying sustainable & ethical jewelry. If you enjoyed this article, go ahead and discover the rest of our other articles as well. Our content is highly informative and inspiring, whether you want to find out more about gemstones or get ideas for styling your jewelry. To buy any of the pieces featured in this article, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and check out our stunning collections.

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