A pearl necklace has never been out of style and this winter’s jewelry trends are proving it. If you shy away from pearls because you feel they are not your style then let us prove otherwise. Today’s designs go beyond the simple string of white pearls. Although, that is a classic we still love. If you want further insight on how to style necklaces, read on. Here is our guide on how to wear the perfect pearl necklace for you.

Choosing the Right Color

Pearls come in more colors than just that brilliant white. A white pearl can have different hues to it, and some might see a greyish or yellow tint on a white pearl.

There are also pearls on the other end of the color spectrum. You can have black pearls, pink pearls or even blue pearls. Don’t consider yourself a classic girl and prefer to be edgy? Then you can stand out with a non-white pearl necklace.

Another color to consider is the color of the necklace itself. If you are not wearing a string of pearls, then the type of metal that you choose matters. Pearls are gemstones that look great with gold. The lighter pearl tones work best with a cooler colored metal like white gold or platinum. Colored pearls look fab with a yellow gold or rose gold chain. This brings out the warmth in the color of the pearls.

The Bigger the Better or Small and Sweet?

Pearls come in different sizes so you can play around with the styling of your pearl necklace. For a cooler modern look you can wear a necklace with larger pearls or a single large pearl pendant. If your style is more feminine and romantic then a string of smaller pearls fit better.

A large pearl necklace can be your statement piece when paired with a sleek dress in a solid color. Vamp up with a sexy red dress and a black pearl choker. Or, let the ivory opera necklace dangle down the front of your long black evening dress.

Another cool pearl look is to wear a large pearl pendant. This immediately pulls together your office style but works just as well for your casual t-shirt and jeans days.

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A daintier pearl necklace design is very pretty. Channel your inner princess with an opera necklace of champagne colored pearls. If you love to wear patterns then opt for the smaller pearls. A more subtle pearl necklace won’t read as too busy with patterned clothing.

Surprise, Not All Pearls Are Round!

It is easy to forget that not all pearls are round. Pearls are a natural product, after all. Mother Nature does not like to repeat herself, she likes to mix it up. To contrast the symmetry of spherical pearls, she created conch pearls and baroque pearls.

Conch pearls are a pretty pink and oval-shaped. They are rare to find which makes them very valuable. A pearl necklace with conch pearls fits well with a fun and flirty aesthetic. Think floral skirt and white lace top, for example.

Baroque pearls can come in any shape. Both freshwater and saltwater pearls can be considered baroque. Baroque simply refers to their non-spherical shape. Their lack of symmetry doesn’t make them any less stylish, though. In fact, we recommend baroque pearls for those that like to push style conventions.

The Best Pearl Necklace Length

The length of the necklace can easily define the overall aesthetic. Match your pearl necklace length to the occasion and your neckline.

For strapless tops you can either go short with a pearl choker or long with a rope necklace. Let your neck look longer with a tiny pearl choker, strapless blouse and an updo. This look can work for casual occasions too. A rope necklace has the drama for special occasions.

If you are not sure which length to choose then stick to the classic princess length. A princess pearl necklace will work for most necklines. It also doesn’t get in the way during most activities.

If you want your pearl necklace to be even more versatile then choose the pearl pendant instead of the string of pearls. It is also easier to find a pearl pendant that matches your style. Choose a pendant where the pearl is only a part of the larger design for a more modern look. For a more classic look, choose a simple chain where the pearl is the star.

Ready to embrace the beauty of a pearl necklace? We’ve already marked it as one of our favorite winter trends. Curious about matching pearls to other jewelry pieces? Read through our other articles on semi-precious stones for inspiration.

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