Delicate and chic, the pearl beads necklace is a fabulous jewelry piece that cannot miss from your jewelry collection. Don’t confuse it with the pearl beaded necklace, which is another must-have jewelry piece. Curious to find out more? Then read on. In this article, you will discover the difference between the pearl beads necklace and the pearl beaded necklace. We have also prepared three fabulous styling ideas for you. Continue reading to find out how to style necklaces and how to wear the pearl beads necklace like a fashion pro.

The difference between the pearl beads necklace & the pearl beaded necklace

That classic princess-length or long pearl strand is a pearl beaded necklace. Made of freshwater pearls or other pearl varieties, this necklace features beads on a string. You cannot see the string, though. You can only see the pearls that look glamorous together.

A pearl beads necklace, on the other hand, has a different design. It can be a silver or gold chain necklace that features tiny freshwater pearls as charms. The main difference between them is that the pearl strand looks like a cluster of pearls, while the pearl beaded necklace looks like a chic chain necklace with pearl charms.

Due to its modern design, this kind of necklace works great on any occasion and is more versatile than the pearl strand. You can’t exactly wear a long pearl strand with a crop top and ripped jeans, can you? But when it comes to the pearl beads chain necklace, you can. So think of this design as the more versatile, yet equally chic version of the pearl strand. This being said, we promised styling ideas. Keep reading to discover our favorite ways of wearing the pearl beads necklace.

Top 3 Styling Ideas for the Pearl Beads Necklace

Before we get started, we should also talk about the pearls. As you probably know, there are 4 pearl varieties: freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls, and South Sea pearls. You will usually find the pearl beads necklace with freshwater pearls as they are the most diverse and versatile. Some jewelers also use Akoya pearls for this design. When it comes to Tahitian pearls, because of their unique color, jewelers tend to save them for classic pearl strands. And last, but not least, since South Sea pearls are the biggest, they look better on solitaire rings, stud earrings or short pearl necklaces. But enough about pearls. Let’s see some hip styling ideas that you can try whenever you want to get a chic look.

No. 1 – Pearl Beads & Anklets

Yes, the pearl beads necklace works great with anklets. Let us show you how. Choose a dainty pearl beads necklace and a pair of gold shell studs. You can braid your hair to obtain a boho-chic vibe. Next, wear a turquoise flowy midi dress. You can also choose an aquamarine dress or any other summery blue shade. Don’t wear a bracelet or a ring as it can read as too much. Instead, bring back the theme of the shell earrings with a shell ankle bracelet. All you need now is a straw bag and a pair of flat sandals to rock this boho-chic look.

gold anklet

No. 2 – Pearl Beads & Crosses

We love a contrasting look so our next fabulous idea is to combine your pearl beads necklace with a glam-rock outfit. Wear your hair on one side and gold cross stud earrings to get an edgy vibe. Your pearl beads necklace will look fabulous with a leather tank top and ripped jeans. Create cohesion in your look by stacking a couple of bracelets as well. Use a pearl charm bracelet, a leather bracelet, and a chunky textured cuff. As for your shoes, you can choose sneakers or lacquer boots. You only need a studded handbag and you are ready to go out.

No. 3 – Pearl Beads & Coins

If you read our blog constantly, then you already know what comes next – the layered look. We have a confession to make. We simply adore layering jewelry and wearing our bling in a stylish way. So let’s see how you can layer the pearl beads necklace with other jewelry.

Wear the pearl beads necklace along with a long coin necklace. You can choose a Napoleon coin design, or you can go for a medal or nature-inspired design. If you are feeling daring, you can also add another necklace to this ensemble, like a chain necklace with a turquoise pendant. As you are creating a neck party, you have to keep your other jewelry minimal. Stay chic with pearl studs or simple gold ball stud earrings. You can also wear a ring with a simple design or choose a thin gold bangle. Let your clothes act as a canvass for your jewelry and wear muted colors like beige and cream. Pull your hair up in a sleek ponytail and wear simple shoes.

These are our top styling ideas for the pearl beads necklace. If you enjoyed discovering this fab jewelry piece, make sure to read our other articles as well. You will find lots of styling inspiration and interesting advice on this blog. If you want to get a unique pearl beads necklace and see more fabulous pearl jewelry designs, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop and discover our collections. Stay stylish and chic with Ana Luisa and enjoy our unique designer jewelry.

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