Layering jewelry looks fantastic. It can give your casual outfit an extra edge, your summer dress becomes more romantic and your formal look extra fabulous. Where stacking bracelets and rings can be a breeze, a layered necklace mean you need to know how to style necklaces. But you can easily adopt this trend by wearing a pre-layered necklace. Read further to get in on the secret of this fabulous piece and how to rock it.

What Is A Layered Necklace?

This jewelry piece is your cheat sheet to wearing several separate necklaces. A layered necklace consists of several chains that seem to be separate necklaces but are joined together inconspicuously. Usually, it will have the different chains conjoined into one just before the hook of the necklace. Basically, it’s a pre-layered necklace that gives you all the styling cred.

More for The Price of One

A pre-layered necklace can save you time and money in achieving the layered jewelry look. You don’t need to struggle to find the right combination of necklaces and you don’t have to empty your piggy bank to expand your necklace collection for the sole purpose of this trend.

As it turns out, for the money this type of necklace saves you, you can buy several layered necklaces. One for your evening dress, one you can wear to the office and one that goes with everything. Have fun with different materials and styles.

gold layered necklace

Don’t burst open your budget though, that defeats the point. Well… Even if you end up with an arsenal of layered necklaces, at least your layered look will literally be effortlessly chic. Time is money too, you know.

Which Type of Layered Necklace Should You Get?

The fun of layering jewelry is to mix and match. It lets you experiment with different materials, color schemes and pairing patterns. When you buy a layered necklace, feel free to get creative.

Get a layered necklace that mixes materials like a leather choker with a silver pendant necklace. Or a layered necklace that has a white gold chain but also a yellow gold chain. Yes dear, in case you didn’t get the memo, mixing metals is accepted now. Mixing metals and materials creates interesting contrasts that work best on outfits in one tone. This puts your layered jewelry as the central focus of your look.

A layered necklace with clever use of color will earn you instant fashion points. Different colors in your jewelry can easily look messy, if not done properly. By browsing for a layered necklace featuring different colors, you’ve achieved an accessorizing feat with half the effort. Different colors can come through in the different materials but also in the incorporated gemstones and pendants. Adding color to an outfit through jewelry is a pro move.

A good rule of thumb for a layered necklace is asking whether it tells a story. Does the layering create a jewelry piece that is greater than the sum of its parts? Don’t be afraid to be go bold with a layered necklace.

Length Matters

Length does matter, ladies. Whether you like to admit it or not. The length of a layered necklace will have a strong influence on the style of an outfit but also its functionality.

A successful layering of necklaces requires necklaces of different lengths to prevent the chains from tangling together. This type of necklace prevents the nightmare of having to detangle your necklaces every hour. This is because a layered necklace that is designed well doesn’t need as much difference in length. This is a plus if you don’t like to wear say, a choker with a medium length necklace and pendant necklace that reaches your belly button.

Shorter necklaces can work for a cool rocker look but can also be a fashionable accessory for your work outfit. Shorter necklaces don’t get stuck on things as easily.  This makes them more suitable for an active lifestyle. A shorter necklace is also preferable when there are gemstones or pendants in the design. This will help protect your gemstones and pendants from scratched and dents.

Longer layered necklaces can either have a bohemian feel or be the epitome of luxury. Think of a long necklace with lots of different pendants but within the same theme for a festival outfit. For a classy elegant look choose a long layered necklace that is made of a single color of gold with a pearl pendant.

gold layered necklace

Are you sold on the idea of a layered necklace yet? What’s not to love about this fashionable trend made easy? A layered necklace gives you all the style without the effort. Need more necklace styling tips? Keep browsing through our articles on jewelry styling to become an expert. And, of course, visit Ana Luisa’s layered necklaces collection to discover fabulous unique creations.

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