Why focus on the few precious stones like diamonds and rubies when a semi precious stone necklace can look just as stunning? The range of colors in semi precious stones is greater than with precious stones. This gives you many more ideas on how to style necklaces. Just in time for the winter jewelry trend of colorful gemstones, here is an article on how to style a semi precious stone necklace. Read on to prepare yourself for the rainbow of colors you can choose from.

What Is a Semi Precious Stone?

A semi precious stone or gemstone is a mineral or rock that is considered valuable.

The semi precious stone refers to its value in comparison to a precious stone. The minerals that are classified as precious stones are rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. The list of semi precious gemstones is longer.

There is no scientific measurement for semi precious and precious stones. The classification is generally based on the market value of the gemstone and how rare it is. As a result, a ruby is a precious stone while a topaz is not because there are fewer ruby reserves. Thus, a ruby sells at a much higher market price. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some rules are meant to be broken, after all.

Why Should You Choose a Semi Precious Stone Necklace?

For those that like colorful jewelry and want to stand out from the crowd, a semi precious stone necklace would be a wonderful addition to the jewelry box.

Choosing the gemstones should be about personal taste and not about the price tag. If you think that yellow citrine looks nicer with your skin than emeralds, then definitely go for the yellow citrine necklace. If opals carry a special meaning for you then there is no reason for you to replace your opal ring with a sapphire ring.

Each gemstone has its own qualities and how these qualities meet your needs is a subjective assessment. Don’t feel any pressure to spend the bucks on a diamond necklace when what you really want is a semi precious stone necklace.

How to Choose a Semi Precious Stone Necklace

When shopping for a semi precious stone necklace, check the gemstones and design for their quality. Just because a semi precious stone necklace is less pricey, losing any of the gemstones would still be very unpleasant. Check that all the settings are secure and the chain is high-quality and sturdy.

How to Style a Semi Precious Stone Necklace

Though this winter’s trend is to mix and match every available color, you might want to build up to it. Here’s a list of our favorite semi precious stones and how you would style each one based on their color.


Amethyst is a deep purple semi precious stone. To have the purple stand out, choose a semi precious stone necklace of either silver, white gold or platinum.

This warm yet bright color looks best with other warm colors. Think of a burgundy velvet jacket with an amethyst strung along a thin chain.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a sweet soft pink gemstone that looks best in delicate designs. Lighter colored metals will give a better contrast to the light color of rose quartz.

A silver Singapore chain serves as an intricate backdrop for a rose quartz semi precious necklace. Complement the feminine color with a crisp white dress shirt or a romantic cream floor length dress.


Onyx is either fully black or comes in its natural state with white parallel banding. This black gemstone works with any material.

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The versatility of the black color means you can wear an onyx semi precious necklace with just about any outfit in any color. Onyx can add an edge to your look when it is set in a semi precious stone necklace with a fine chain. Onyx also looks elegant with yellow gold and a strapless black dress.


Aquamarine is a brilliant bright blue stone. The coloring of aquamarine looks wonderful with a rose gold semi precious stone necklace.

You can match aquamarine with earthy colors like a dark green long sleeved shirt. Or, you can complement the light blue with a gray suit or even soft pink v-neck shirt.


Topaz is for those with a colorful personality. Topaz comes in many different colors making this a popular choice for a semi precious stone necklace.

If you are wearing a topaz in its different shades, then wear a streamlined dress in pastel colors or a simple white tee to keep it casual.

Have you decided what your favorite semi precious stone is? The list of semi precious stones is much longer than this so don’t feel limited. For more information about jewelry, read our other articles as well. To view Ana Luisa’s fine gemstone necklaces collection, visit our online jewelry shop.

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