Does your rope necklace get stuck on door handles? Or does your choker feel awkward to wear on date night? Your necklace length can influence how you go about your day so do yourself a favor and choose the right one. The length is also important when you decide how to style necklaces. In this article, we will outline the different length names for necklaces. Yes, a necklace length has its own name and isn’t just expressed in inches. Isn’t it so much cooler to call the long necklace you’re wearing a lariat? Thought so. Read on to find out more about the necklace length.

Collar Necklace Length 12 – 14”

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A collar necklace is the shortest industry standard length for a necklace. With only 12 to 14 inches, a collar is worn tightly around the neck.

Because a collar doesn’t leave much room, you might want to measure your neck before buying a collar. Use a tailor’s measurer for a quick and easy solution. Then check the label of the collar for the necklace length. Also remember that collars with a pendant might feel a little tighter, even when it is the right necklace length.

A collar necklace is a great way to emphasize a long neck and a low neckline. A collar necklace will also draw attention to your face. If you are going to a crowded place like a festival then a collar is a practical necklace length. You can look stylish without worrying about getting caught on anyone’s shirt.

Choker Necklace 14 – 16”

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A choker, similar to a collar, is worn tightly around the neck. The difference is that a choker can either be worn higher up on the neck or resting exactly on the collarbone.

Chokers are a great necklace length for the busy bee. You can dress comfortable and casual with a v-neck t-shirt but keep the look fresh by adding a choker. Finish off the look by pulling your hair up into a ponytail or messy bun. Wearing a choker is all about highlighting your beautiful face.

Princess 16 – 18”

A princess is the most common necklace length. A princess length necklace will sit below the collarbone and just above the bust. This necklace length is so popular because it is the most comfortable to wear and will match most outfits.

Anyone can pull off this necklace length. This is also why most pendant necklaces are at this length. The pendant will sit nicely on the bust and won’t swing around too much when you are moving around. If you are looking for a necklace that you can wear daily, a princess length is the way to go. Choose a solid gold necklace for extra sparkle.

Matinee 20 – 22”

A matinee necklace usually rests right above the bust or on top of the bust. This necklace length is the missing piece in your attempts at layering necklaces.

The in-between length of a matinee necklace (it isn’t short and it isn’t very long) is its strongest point. For a romantic dinner, try wearing a matinee length necklace with lots of pendants or layer it with shorter necklaces to keep the focus on the neckline and bust.

Opera 30”

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The opera is the necklace length for when you want to elongate your body. An opera necklace usually rests below the bust.

Because this is one of the longer necklaces, consider where you are going today. You can wear this necklace length to the office to spice up your work outfit. Pair it with a clean gray slim fitting dress to look taller. However, it’s not an ideal necklace length if you’ll be tending to handsy kids or excited pets.

Rope/Lariat 35”

The longest necklace length is called a rope necklace or lariat. These necklaces extend far below the bust and can reach your belly button.

Rope necklaces and lariats are expressive jewelry pieces. You can get creative with layers, materials, and pendants. Wear a lariat necklace only to a special occasion because it may get in the way of daily chores. Try styling a rope necklace with a turtleneck sweater or a plain t-shirt dress.

Got all that? It’s not so complicated and you can always check back this article when you need to. Consider when you will wear the jewelry piece. With this necklace length cheat sheet, you will know which necklace length to ask for when you are at the jewelry shop. Ready to move on to the next necklace lesson? Check out our other articles as well to find out about the hottest jewelry styles.

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