As you rummage through your jewelry box you discover a pendant necklace you haven’t worn in a long time. Can you wear it today? Or maybe at your next party? How to style your nekclace? And what about buying a pendant necklace? How can you get the right one for you? Ok, we are going to stop with the questions now. Because all these questions have a common element – your pendant necklace’s size. Of course, the precious jewelry metals and the gemstones have a say in this but, well, size matters as well. So read further to find out how to choose the perfect size for your pendant necklace according to the occasion.

What size is your pendant necklace?

As with every piece of jewelry, pendant necklaces come in three basic sizes: small, medium, and large. Of course, there are variations, but, in general, you can tell apart a small pendant from a large one. It may surprise you to find out, but when choosing the size of your pendant necklace, your outfit, its color, your hairstyle, and the occasion play an important role. So let’s find out how you can wear different pendant sizes.

Wearing a large pendant necklace

A large pendant grabs attention, no matter what you are wearing. So instead of wearing something that clashes with it, wear a piece that complements your necklace.

The best way to wear a large pendant necklace is with a singular color outfit. Avoid patterns because they are not your friends in this situation. Your other jewelry, like earrings and bracelets, should be minimal and delicate in order to let your pendant truly shine. A large pendant looks great with simple necklines, such as the boat or the sweetheart neckline.

Wearing a medium pendant necklace

In this situation, you can wear your favorite patterned blouse or dress, but make sure the colors complement the necklace. In addition to this, your other jewelry should be minimal as well. If you are wearing a singular color outfit with your medium pendant necklace, then you can also throw in a statement gemstone cuff or a cocktail ring. Keep your earrings minimal though, as you don’t want to create a carnival around your face.

Wearing a small pendant necklace

The most important rule when wearing small pendants is to use a thin and delicate chain. If you wear a chunky chain, it will draw attention from the pendant and make it look insignificant. With small pendants you don’t have to worry about patterns or other jewelry but, if you want your pendant to draw attention, make sure your other jewelry is minimal as well. A small sparkle from your gemstone pendant looks fabulous with a delicate rose gold bangle and a pair of diamond studs, for example.

When can you wear your pendant necklace?

Depending on its size, you can wear a pendant to any occasion. If you get an adjustable chain for it, you will be able to wear your pendant anytime. A pendant on a short chain looks great for formal occasions and events. Make the chain longer and you get a fabulous casual look.

For you to make a general idea, small and medium pendant work great in any occasion, depending on the chain length, of course. Large pendants, however, may not be appropriate for a work setting. On the other hand, however, if you are going to a hippie festival, you may want to leave your diamond drop pendant at home and wear a chunky wood one, for example.

Your pendant necklace & the hairstyle

As the pendant is close to your face area, you need to keep the balance with the help of your hairstyle. To maintain proportions, wear a large pendant with a short hairstyle or a minimal updo. This way you will let your pendant grab the attention without having it catch on your hair. A small pendant, on the other hand, looks best with a sleek ponytail or a half-up-half-down hairstyle.

Of course, your earrings also play an important role when choosing the hairstyle. Just remember to always maintain the proportions and you will be fine. If you want to have a big, curly hairstyle, a chunky pendant will make you look like a Christmas tree. On the other hand, a small delicate one can get lost between your curls, so it’s best to choose a choker. For an extra sparkle, you can attach a clear crystal or diamond pendant to your choker.

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