A ball chain necklace has a festive spirit that is hard to match by any other jewelry. It’s something about its subtle elegance and sleek style that makes us never want to take it off. And we shouldn’t cause, this season, ball chain necklaces are the perfect accessories for both your casual and formal outfits if you know how to style necklaces. Read further to discover which Ana Luisa ball chain necklace is a match for your personal style.

The classic gold ball chain necklace

A beautiful and elegant piece, Ana Luisa’s gold ball chain necklace is a vermeil jewelry piece. Solid sterling silver dipped in14k gold creates this gorgeous design that grabs attention and elevates any outfit.

ball chain necklace

So, is this gold ball chain necklace for you? Let’s see. If you love vintage patterns, classic dangle earrings and have a huge collection of preppy skirts, this necklace will sit perfectly in your jewelry box. Its warm color goes great with patterns and graphic tees, while its creative design is a perfect match for those gold pearl earrings you can’t wait to try on.

And since we are here to also offer some style inspiration, here it is. Wear this necklace with a velvet burgundy dress featuring a sweetheart neckline and a pair of precious statement earrings. Go easy on the bracelets, but wear your favorite cocktail ring with style. To turn this outfit from formal to casual, change the dress for a comfy turtleneck in beige or cream and your adorable A-like tartan skirt.

The rose gold ball chain necklace

This fabulous vermeil piece features a thick 14k rose gold plating on solid sterling silver. With its blush color and feminine design, this ball chain necklace is irresistible. Don’t feel guilty that you can’t resist its power. Nobody can.

We know that there is a rose gold craze happening right now, but we also know that your personal style is more important than any trend when it comes to buying jewelry. Usually, women with a romantic side who love flowery dresses, messy updos and suede boots are attracted to rose gold. You may incline towards boho chic or you may simply have a very feminine and lovely style. Regardless of this, Ana Luisa’s rose gold ball chain necklace will become your next favorite piece from your collection.

If you plan on going to an event, perhaps a Christmas party or a night out with your friends, put on this necklace and a pair of flower studs. Go wild on the bangles and stack them on your arm. You can also combine metals to create a chic look, so don’t be afraid to try rose, white and yellow gold bangles at once. Now that you have your jewelry on, it’s time for your black lace dress and suede stiletto shoes. There you have it! The perfect outfit for a fun night out.

The silver ball chain necklace

When it comes to this jewelry piece, we have it in two versions. A small solid sterling silver ball chain necklace for those of you who love minimalist jewelry and a medium silver ball chain necklace for those who love to make a statement. Regardless of your choice, you will get a sleek and sophisticated jewelry piece that you will fall in love with.

ball chain necklace

Women who love silver and white gold jewelry have a sleek style. They wear geometric earrings, sharp suits with baggy jeans and bandeau dresses in solid colors. If that’s you, then the only choice left is which of the two silver ball chains to get.

And while you think about it, let’s see how you can style this glossy jewelry piece. A solid silver ball chain necklace looks gorgeous when you match it with a simple chiffon shirt and a pair of tailored trousers. If you want to go for a more formal style, choose a dress in a solid vibrant color. You can also create a metallic look by choosing a silver gown and a pair of embellished stiletto shoes. When it comes to your earrings, a pair of linear drop earrings with clear gemstones will balance the necklace and create a fabulous look. Add a cuff bracelet in white gold and silver and a subtle ring with a minimal design.

Now that you know which ball chain necklace is right for you, it’s time to do some shopping. Check out Ana Luisa online jewelry shop to view our unique necklaces collections. If you want to read more about jewelry, then you have reached the right place. On this blog we publish daily articles, so check out the rest of them. You will find plenty of style inspiration, useful jewelry shopping advice, as well as maintenance guides that will help you keep your jewelry in perfect condition.

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