The gold horn necklace is a nature-inspired piece of jewelry that looks fabulous. With multiple meanings behind it, a sleek look and a beautiful design, the gold horn necklace is here to stay. Whether you are thinking of getting one or you already have a gold horn necklace and can’t wait to wear it, we are here to help you with some styling inspiration. Read further to find out more about how to style necklaces and wear the gold horn necklace like a true fashion icon.

The Gold Horn Necklace and Its Meaning

Some people associate the gold horn necklace with the horn of abundance or cornucopia, a term which comes from Latin. One of the most interesting legends has Zeus as the main actor. As you perhaps know, in Greek mythology, Zeus’s father, Kronos, wanted to devour his son, so the baby Zeus was hidden on Crete Island. As the story goes, a goat fed him with her milk but Zeus accidentally broke one of her horns. From that moment on, the horn was given the divine power to offer never-ending nourishment.

Interesting as this legend may be, there is another myth concerning this necklace. The Italians also love the horn necklace, but they offer it a different meaning and name it cornicello. They believe it to represent the moon Goddess and to protect against the evil eye. Of course, there also other meanings to the horn necklace, but you are not here for the history lesson. You are here because you want to get interesting ideas on how to wear the gold horn necklace, so let’s get started.

Wearing the Gold Horn Necklace to Work

Because the horn necklace is a versatile piece of jewelry, you can wear it to any occasion. Whether you go to work, a night out with your friends or even a formal event, you can never go wrong with this fabulous piece of jewelry. So how should you accessorize the gold horn necklace if you are going to the office or a business meeting?

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Keep it simple and stylish with a pair of clear studs and a medium-sized gold cuff bracelet. As the gold horn necklace will look gorgeous with white or pastels, wear a white tailored blazer and a pair of crop trousers. Keep it monochrome with an off-white V-neckline shirt achieve an impeccable style.

Wearing the Gold Horn Necklace Casually

The beauty of this jewelry piece is that you can always try it with your favorite jeans & tee look. Not many jewelry pieces have this versatility. For example, imagine wearing a pearl strand with a graphic tee, ripped jeans and sneakers when you go for a walk in the park. However, wearing a gold horn necklace is always appropriate.

The next time you want to grab a coffee with your bestie, wear your gold horn necklace with a pair of mismatched studs. Pun on your pair of high-waist jeans and graphic crop top for a fresh look. You can also stack a couple of bangles or go one step further and stack different types of bracelets.

Wearing the Gold Horn Necklace to a Formal Event

Can you wear the gold horn necklace to a black tie event? Of course you can. You don’t have to always go for the gemstone chokers to create a statement look. In fact, here’s a wonderful idea on how to style the gold horn necklace if you are going to a formal event.

Due to its golden metallic glow, this type of necklace will look very elegant when you pair it with black silk or satin. Choose a black silk gown, a subtle tennis bracelet and a pair of elegant statement earrings. You can skip on the gemstones and bring back the theme of the necklace by choosing a pair of gold chandelier earrings without gems. Alternatively, you can keep the earrings minimal too and opt for a pair of bejeweled shoes. You will look dashing wearing your gold horn necklace and you will have a great time telling people about its story.

Layering the Gold Horn Necklace

If you love the layered necklace look, then a gold horn necklace must not miss from your jewelry box. Choose one with a thin link chain so that the horn can grab the attention it deserves. For the shorter necklace, you can opt for an open gold collar or a dainty think link chain. If you want to layer more than two necklaces, for the longer one you can break the pattern and choose a pearl pendant or a beaded necklace. You can also play with shapes and sizes and wear the gold horn necklace along with a long coin necklace and a choker.

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