Layered necklaces are, arguably, this year’s biggest trend. The reason why many women love them is that layered necklaces allow the wearer to express their personality in a creative way. Also, they are versatile and easy to match. As opposed to other statement necklaces, they also work for smart-casual or everyday wear. And because Ana Luisa in the go-to place when you want to get inspirational and unique jewelry, let’s see how to style necklaces with multiple layers. Read further to discover Ana Luisa’s layered necklaces and interesting ideas for styling them.

Layering necklaces vs. layered necklaces

They may sound similar, but layered necklaces are different from layering necklaces. Usually, layered necklaces come as a whole design. You have two or three different necklaces united together. This helps you achieve a balanced look and prevents you from wearing multiple necklaces that don’t match.

Layering necklaces, on the other hand, means to wear a couple of different necklaces from your jewelry box at the same time. For example, if you choose a thin collar, a beaded necklace, and a gemstone lariat and wear them together, it means that you are layering your necklaces.

Semantics aside, in this article we will talk about layered necklaces. Ana Luisa’s necklaces to be specific. Read on to discover our top interesting designs, as well as styling ideas for these gorgeous necklaces.

The Onyx Layered Necklace Set

Try a delicate Virgin Mary pendant, a vintage-looking onyx gemstone, and a large and sparkling sun pendant along with three chains with different designs. What do you get? This beautiful and elegant layered necklace that will transform any blouse or dress into a statement garment.

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The perfect mix of elegance, creativity and artistic craftsmanship, this necklace is ideal if you want to try the layered necklaces look to a cocktail party or night out with your friends. Either choose a deep-V top to get a sexy and elegant look or add a little bit of sophistication with a solid color muted turtleneck blouse. To bring back the theme of your necklace into your whole outfit you can wear a pair of onyx earrings and a coin ring. With layered necklaces, you don’t need big chunky jewelry but rather subtle and interesting pieces that will complement the necklace.

The Pearl Layered Necklace Set

We know pearls are irresistible to women and, when it comes to layered necklaces, they become even more attractive. This is why Ana Luisa’s Tilda necklace set features a large pearl pendant along with a creative gold necklace and a stunning textured coin pendant. Feminine, versatile and sophisticated, this one of the layered necklaces you will fall in love with.

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To emphasize your necklace wear a dress or top in a dark color like purple, dark blue and green as well as black and burgundy. As pearls and gold look stunning when combined with velvet, we recommend a burgundy velvet dress with a jewel neckline. Wear a pair of pearl drop earrings and a pearl solitaire ring to make this lovely gemstone the theme of your outfit.

The Moonstone Layered Necklace Set

There are many stories about the moonstone as this is, perhaps, the most mysterious gemstone with its eerie inner glow. We could go on and on about legends and myths surrounding the moonstone, but let’s not lose our focus on layered necklaces.

This gorgeous set feature two necklaces with different pendants. The smaller textured gold pendant features a center moonstone that glows delicately. The larger coin pendant resembles the sun and it has an artistic feel. As opposed to layered necklaces featuring three pieces, this necklace set is also appropriate for work or business meetings.

Wear a simple white shirt, a pair of tailored trousers and a crop blazer. Pull your hair back in a sleek ponytail and choose a delicate pair of clear crystal studs. Wear this necklace with a thin bangle as well or perhaps a beautiful solitaire ring.

The Star Layered Necklace Set

Looking for layered necklaces with nature-inspired motifs? That’s great! This fantastic layered necklace set features a beautiful and delicate pendant with a dove and a larger sleek pendant with an engraved star and a center sparkling cubic zirconia gemstone. Add a little bit of sparkle to your outfit and transform any simple blouse or dress with the help of this necklace.

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Are you planning to go to a party soon? Then your kimono wrap blue dress will look fabulous when you wear this necklace. Choose a classy pair of stiletto shoes and linear drop earrings to complete the look. Add a faux-fur coat and you will look as if you have just come down from the cover of a fashion magazine. Ana Luisa’s star set of layered necklaces was designed to bring your inner star to surface.

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