A statement necklace is a great way to turn a classic outfit into a personal one. You can wear a statement necklace to a formal event or even when you go out for a coffee. But there are some rules related to how to style necklaces. This is especially true when matching your statement necklace with your other jewelry and the occasion. Read further to find out how to wear a statement necklace like a fashion pro.

Tips for wearing a statement necklace

Every woman has at least one statement necklace in her jewelry box. Whether we are talking about a gemstone necklace or layered necklaces, this style is amazing and can transform your look. To help you get the most of your statement necklace, read these tips and discover how fashion icons manage to do it.

No. 1 – Allow it to be a statement

It may seem obvious that when you are wearing a statement necklace, that necklace is, well, the statement, right? Well, not necessarily.  If you match it with a beaded dress, oversized drop earrings or multiple gemstone cuffs on both your arms, which one is the statement? Don’t pile up on your jewelry when wearing this type of necklace. Instead, choose stud or delicate drop earrings and a simple ring or bangle. Choose a solid color dress or shirt and let your necklace be the star of your outfit.

semi precious stone necklace

No. 2 – Try it with patterns

Most women wear statement necklaces with muted color shirts or dresses. But a statement necklace also looks great with patterns and it makes your look more interesting. Of course, not every pattern is good for you. Try animal prints, flowers or geometric patterns with your statement necklace. Obviously, your shoes, skirt or trousers should be neutral in this case.

No. 3 – Black with black is the new black

Instead of wearing a colorful or clear statement necklace with a simple black top or dress, wear a statement necklace with black gemstones. Yes, black on black definitely looks fabulous and it offers your look a contemporary edge. If you are going for a monochrome black look, a black statement necklace is exactly what you need to add a wow factor to your outfit.

No. 4 – Wear the right color

gold layered necklace

The color of your necklace is important when we are talking about a statement piece. You need to create balance with your statement necklace, so make sure you match it with the right colors. If your outfit is in a neutral color, go wild on the necklace and wear a colorful one. If, on the other hand, your outfit is already colorful, make sure the necklace shares the same palette.

No. 5 – Try your statement necklace with a V-neckline

necklaces for woman

Sure, you can wear a statement necklace even with a turtleneck. But this type of necklace looks fabulous with a deep-V neckline, especially if we are talking about layered necklaces. This type of necklace adds more dimension to the outfit and fills in the bare area left by a deep-V neckline.

No. 6 – Wear stripes

We know we talked about patterns earlier, but stripes are a special type of patterns. They practically beg for statement necklaces. Black stripes, for example, look fabulous when paired with a pearl statement necklace. Colorful stripes, on the other hand, look great with clear gemstone necklaces. Don’t be afraid to wear your necklace with stripes and experiment with your look.

No. 7 – Try it with a T-shirt

Yes, a statement necklace can look fabulous with a T-shirt, even a print one. It creates a smart-casual look that is absolutely charming and it elevates your outfit. You can wear this type of necklace with any T-shirt, but make sure that the pattern and the colors work well together.

No. 8 – Leave it at home when wearing a detailed top or dress

Last, but not least, you should also know when not to wear your statement necklace. For example, if you have a lace top with details around the neck area or a dress with beads, a statement necklace won’t work. The idea for this type of necklace is to draw attention to your chest area, but, in this case, that’s the purpose of the top. If you also wear your necklace, it will look too busy and instead of creating a chic outfit, your top and necklace will clash terribly. In this situation, try statement earrings instead and leave your necklace for other occasions.

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