A delicate or daring choker necklace is a piece of jewelry that any woman must have. Versatile. Feminine. And very sexy, the choker is the year’s fashion hit. Whether it’s a gold choker, a statement necklace or a charm one, this piece of jewelry is guaranteed to attract all the views. So what is the best way to wear a choker necklace?

The answer to this question depends on the type of choker you are wearing. So, before going into styling advice, let’s see which are some of the most popular choker necklaces.

Top 5 choker types you need to have

One choker necklace is never enough, especially since we are talking about such a versatile piece of jewelry. As more and more stars started to embrace the choker trend, designers around the world have put their imaginations to use. The results were simply fabulous and you can now choose from dozens of different choker styles. To make that choice easier, the fashion experts at Ana Luisa NY recommend having at least one of the following choker types:

  • Black strip choker. The classics never die, so no matter how much you love your statement necklaces, you need to have a simple classic choker. Elegant and casual at the same time, the black strip choker is a wonderful addition to any style. You can wear it on both formal and informal occasions and it will always look great with most clothing items.
  • Gold metal choker. A gold choker looks extremely sexy and enhances any outfit. Its metallic feel offers a contemporary note to your look, while its elegant luster brings out your features. As opposed to the classic choker, this type of necklace is harder to accessorize. But don’t worry, we are here to help you style your jewelry in the best way.
  • Lace choker. Romantic and delicate, the lace choker can be worn when going out with your friends or on a date. It can be a simple lace choker or it can have a stone addition, depending on your style. You can also make a cross necklace out of a lace choker, it all comes down to your imagination and what you like to wear.
  • Leather choker. When it comes to leather chokers, there is a great variety of styles out there. You can have a bohemian ribbon choker made of a thin leather stripe or you can go for the stud punk style. As with the classic choker, the leather one is pretty easy to accessorize and guaranteed to bring out your outfit.
  • Statement choker. Here you can choose from bling chokers, multilayered necklaces, Kundan chokers, etc. Regardless of your choice, statement chokers are some of the most spectacular and elegant pieces of jewelry. All you have to remember when wearing a statement choker is to keep your outfit simple so that your choker has the chance to shine.

Styling ideas for a choker necklace

There are many ways to style a choker necklace, depending on the look you want to achieve. A gold choker looks amazing with a little black dress, while a cross necklace choker will always look great with jeans and leather.

For a delicate and fresh look, wear a simple choker necklace with your favorite pair of jeans and a single colored tank top. Of course, you can also wear it with a sundress or a cute pleated skirt. When it comes to other jewelry pieces, try it with stud earrings and bangles.

For a retro look wear your choker necklace with a dark lipstick, round sunglasses, a cool dress and over-the-knee socks. If dresses aren’t your thing, wear your choker with high waist jeans and a crop top. When it comes to choosing the right choker necklace for this look, you can try the classic one, a thin leather choker or even a lace one.

For a professional look with a twist pair your choker with cigarette pants, a simple white shirt, and a nice hairdo. The best chokers to use for this are thin gold chokers or leather ones (the types with a thin strap of leather and ribbon).

For a daring sensual look wear your statement choker with an off-the-shoulder top or dress. A statement choker always looks great with tiny stud earrings and a very thin and delicate bracelet.

For a contemporary innovative look wear your favorite choker with a metal necklace (or more). While you cannot combine a statement choker with another necklace, you can try this look with any other type of choker. As long as it’s a simple one.

Of course, these are just some fashion ideas but the truth is that a choker necklace is a versatile piece of jewelry. You can use your imagination to let your style stand out and look great. Check out our other articles as well. For more styling advice and make sure to share this one with your friends. Happy choker shopping!

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