Delicate, feminine and romantic, the moonstone necklace is a jewelry piece that must not miss from your jewelry box. With its mysterious inner glow, the moonstone is one of the most spectacular gemstones. It’s no wonder that there are many stories and legends built around this fab gemstone. And while those stories are fascinating, you are not here to read about them. You are here to discover how to style a moonstone necklace so read on. In this article, you will discover not only why you need a moonstone necklace, but also how to style necklaces.

A couple of words about the moonstone necklace

Either as part of a pre-layered necklace or not, a moonstone necklace is a fabulous jewelry piece. Since the moonstone is a gem with a delicate milky color, it works best set in gold. Cool tones like silver or white gold take away from the moonstone, but yellow gold or even rose gold enhances its fabulous glow.

Before getting a moonstone necklace, you need to know that this semi-precious stone is not as hard as an amethyst, for example. It can get easily scratched which is why you will mostly find it set in a secure setting, like the bezel one. The moonstone doesn’t need a setting to enhance its shine, like the crystal does, because of its delicate inner glow. So don’t worry about the setting taking away from the stone and choose a moonstone necklace that features this gem in a bezel or flush setting.

Another thing you should know about the moonstone necklace is that the moonstone is the birthstone of June. Whether you are born in June or you know somebody who is, a moonstone necklace may be the perfect present.

Last, but not least, when it comes to other jewelry, a moonstone necklace works best with other pastel or soft-colored gems. Pearls, rose quartz or even turquoise are the gems that look fantastic with moonstone. Don’t shy away from clear crystals or diamonds, as they also work with this beautiful gem. However, avoid wearing rubies, sapphires and other powerfully colored gems with a moonstone necklace as their color will distract from the elegant glow of this beautiful semi-precious stone.

When to wear a moonstone necklace

And now we’ve reached our favorite part where you get inspiration on how to style the moonstone necklace. We will start by saying any occasion is appropriate for a moonstone necklace as this elegant gemstone is very versatile. Some people take their love for the moonstone to the next level and even choose moonstone engagement rings as opposed to the classic diamonds. The reason for that is not only this gem’s fabulous look but also the legend behind it. It speaks of everlasting love so you can see why many people believe a moonstone is more suited for an engagement ring than diamonds. But enough talk about romance, let’s talk about style instead.

Moonstones for a Formal Event

If you are going to a charity gala or some other formal event, diamonds are not your only option. A moonstone necklace will perfectly complement your velvet formal gown and work fantastic with your chandelier pearl earrings. Complete your look with a moonstone ring or a solitaire pearl ring and you are ready to become the center of everybody’s attention.

A Night Out with the Girls

And speaking of events, can a moonstone necklace for a night out with the girls? Sure it can. Choose a moonstone layered necklace and a deep-V midi dress. You can also wear a deep-V blouse and leather pants, that’s up to you. Lacquer pumps are mandatory and a pair of gold hoops with complete your look. Bring back the theme of your necklace in your bracelet and ring and you get the perfect look for a fun night out with your friends.

A Day at the Office

For a day at the office or a business meeting, keep it classy with a dainty moonstone necklace and pearl studs. A grey blazer along with a pair of tailored trousers will look fantastic too. If you want to add more edge to your outfit, choose a moonstone cuff or a dome ring, but not both of them. Wear your hair up in a neat bun and let your jewelry take the center stage.

Boho-Chic & Moonstones

Last, but not least, you can wear a moonstone necklace even with a casual outfit. For example, if you want to rock the boho-chic look at a music festival, choose a simple moonstone necklace and a beaded anklet with moonstone beads. This will create cohesion in your look and add a playful vibe to it. A midi skirt and a crop top will complete the look. If you’d rather wear jeans, then make them short and grab a print tee from your closet. You can choose a delicate pair of rose quartz studs to go with your moonstone necklace or you can choose oversized gold hoops and a headband to get a retro look.

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