Nature-inspired jewelry pieces like a honeycomb necklace are hot on trend this season. We love the honeycomb design particularly because it is a more geometric shape. Where most nature-inspired pieces are more intricate and free form, this design is sleek and modern.

We also love how a honeycomb necklace is a little reminder to be kinder to bees. There is a little positive energy for you this spring and summer. Matching the flowers coming into bloom, the honeycomb necklace can be a subtle environmental message. Feeling the summer vibes? Scroll down for our favorite ways to style a honeycomb necklace and learn how to style necklaces.

What Is a Honeycomb Necklace?

A honeycomb necklace includes two or more hexagons representing the chambers inside a piece of honeycomb. There many different types of honeycomb necklaces but gold plated necklaces and sterling silver are the most popular.

The more minimal designs have fewer hexagons. These necklaces are simple chains with the honeycomb as the central design element.

More elaborate designs feature more hexagons which creates geometric statement pieces. Some designers also include other design elements like flowers, bees or something with a less literal connection like a heart.

Pieces with semi-precious stones are equally pretty. We love a single clear crystal for a subtle sparkle. Gemstone covered bees on the honeycomb are also super cute.

Sleek Silver or Glamorous Gold

Sometimes the simplest design is the most beautiful. Play into the clean lines of a hexagon and go for a minimalist look.

Pair a simple gold honeycomb necklace with structural clothing in whites, grays and cream colors. For example, a sleek gray and white jacket with camel colored pants. The warm tone of the gold necklace balances out the cool neutral colors of the clothing.

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We also like a minimalist sterling silver honeycomb necklace with an all-black outfit. The shine of the silver pops out against the black. Choose a low cut dress for emphasis on the necklace. Or, channel the spirit of a poet and wear it with sleeveless turtleneck.

Since the necklace is already simple you have two options. You can continue the minimalist design in your other jewelry pieces. Think of a gold chain bracelet and studs. The other option is adding color and more intricate pieces. Think of a gemstone ring and enamel bracelets.

Creating a Colorful Beehive

The bright colors of flowers attracts bees … and us! Take the extra sunshine hours as your cue for wearing more color in your jewelry and clothing.

Like we said, sterling silver and gold honeycomb necklaces are the more popular kind. This means that hunting for multicolored hexagons is a struggle. The color in honeycomb necklaces usually comes through in semi-precious stones. That is no problem for us because we love multicolored gemstones.

Look for a honeycomb necklace with a gemstone covered design detail. For example, a bee covered in jewels, honeycomb inside a gemstone flower or gemstones spread among the honeycomb. You can also wear a honeycomb pendant necklace and add your own gemstone pendants for extra color.

When there is a gemstone in your necklace, we like seeing the gemstone return in the rest of your jewelry. Even if it is not the same gemstone, a semi-precious stone that is the same color still looks cohesive. For example, pair white pearl earrings with a moonstone necklace.

As for your clothing, well, that depends on the colors in your jewelry. Enjoy being the center of attention? Then wear jewelry and clothing in complementary colors. For example, a green wrap dress with citrine jewelry pieces. Don’t like wearing too many colors? Then stay within the same color spectrum. For example, if there is lapis lazuli in your jewelry pieces then wear navy clothing items.

Which Jewelry Design Works with the Honeycomb Shape?

If honeycomb is the only element on the necklace then we consider it a geometric necklace shape. However, when there are other shapes on the necklace like a flower or heart then the clean lines are less prominent. So how do you pair the right jewelry with these shapes?

For something more edgy and modern, stick to the geometric shapes. We do not mean wear only jewelry pieces with honeycomb designs. We mean pairing your honeycomb necklace with bar earrings (with clear crystals for extra sparkle) or a silver triangle ring.

You can also balance out the sharp edges of a honeycomb necklace with other nature-inspired jewelry pieces. Think of a bracelet of gemstone flowers or chandelier earrings with pearls. You can also keep the theme more subtle with an abstract nature-inspired jewelry piece.

The point is having some red thread run through your jewelry pieces. A honeycomb necklace and an enamel byzantine bangle don’t have much in common, for example. Create a story with shapes, colors and materials.

The honeycomb necklace is an elegant, creative and trendy jewelry piece. It is also versatile and can work for your boho-chic look as well as for an elegant outfit as long as you pair it with the right jewelry and clothes. If you enjoyed discovering fabulous ideas on how to style the honeycomb necklace we invite you to read our other articles as well. You will find amazing styling inspiration and ideas that will turn you into a jewelry expert.

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