As the name suggests it, a good luck necklace is a jewelry piece that people believe to bring good luck. This isn’t something new. Since the beginning of times, people have crafted jewelry which they wore to protect themselves from harm, win battles and, of course, get lucky. If you want to find out more about good luck necklaces and learn how to style necklaces, read further. We have comprised a list with the most popular universal symbols for good luck necklaces.

The Good Luck Necklace – Personal vs. Universal

A good luck necklace can either be personal or universal. Personal good luck necklaces feature motifs and symbols that have a meaning for you only. For example, wearing a pendant shaped like a boat can be a good luck necklace for you if you love boats or have a great experience with them. But this doesn’t mean that for other people a boat pendant will be a good luck necklace.

On the other hand, the horseshoe, for example, is a universal symbol for good luck necklaces. Many people choose to wear this pendant and believe in its properties. This brings us to the topic of this article – the most popular good luck necklace pendants. Read further to discover the stories behind popular motifs in jewelry.

The Wishbone

We bet you played this game at least once in your life. The game goes like this. Two people pull the sides of a wishbone and, of course, they make wishes. Whoever gets the bigger part is considered to be lucky.

And since jewelry focuses a lot on cultural symbols and motifs, the wishbone has become a popular good luck necklace pendant. It doesn’t have to be made of a bone, of course. You can find chic silver or gold wishbone pendants and some of them can even feature gemstones. Just don’t play the game with your good luck necklace, please.

The Four Leaf Clover

This beautiful and chic symbol comes from the ancient Irish people. Many people believe that a four leaf clover means getting lucky but, in fact, the story doesn’t go like that. Irish people would wear this good luck necklace to actually avoid evil witches whom they believed to bring bad luck.  So, in truth, the four leaf clover is mostly about protecting yourself against bad luck and not necessarily about good luck. For some people, this good luck necklace also symbolizes a fresh start.

The Horseshoe

Along with the four leaf clover, the horseshoe is one of the most famous symbols for good luck. As a result, both men and women wear good luck necklaces featuring horseshoes. But did you ever wonder why? Well, the ancient people didn’t really understand why a hose doesn’t scream in pain when the blacksmith would hammer it into its hoof. Because the horse felt no pain, people came to believe that it has something to do with the horseshoe. They believed it to be magical and protect against pain.

Nowadays we know better but, still, the horseshoe is a popular and beautiful good luck necklace pendant.

The Lucky Whale Tail

For those of you who love marine symbols, the whale tail is a great good luck necklace idea. Not only does it look beautiful, but people also believe it to intensify creativity. This is, perhaps, one of the reasons why many artists love wearing the lucky whale tail. And why do people believe a whale’s tail is lucky? Well, that’s because in many ancient cultures, including the Greek, the Arabian, and the Chinese, the whale was considered a scared marine animal.

The Pyramid

Usually featuring a semi-precious gemstone cut in a pyramid shape, this good luck necklace will bring positive energy and calm, according to some people. They also believe that a pyramid good luck necklace will heighten creativity and promote ideal blood pressure. With so many meanings behind it, it’s no wonder that the pyramid has become a very popular good luck necklace.

The Lucky Dice

A more recent motif for the good luck necklace, the pair of dice is very popular. We know you are thinking of games, as many use the dice, but the story actually comes from World War II. It was back then when pilots would bring with them pairs of dice to help them get through almost impossible missions. This tradition enabled Deccofelt Corp to market the fluffy rearview dice back in 1959. Since then, this playful and charming motif has made its way into jewelry and we love it.

The Acorn

When speaking of the good luck necklace, we simply couldn’t ignore the acorn. What is the story behind it? First of all, forget Ice Age. We all love the movie, but the story goes further back. It is a Norse legend that states Odin hung himself from an oak tree to gain knowledge. This is why the acorn is considered to bring wisdom to the wearer. Norse people also place acorns in the windows of their homes to protect themselves from lightning.

Whether you believe in luck or not, a good luck necklace is a charming jewelry piece. It is creative, it has a story and it can look simply gorgeous. If you enjoyed reading this article, check out the rest of them on our blog. We publish daily articles where you can find a lot of inspirational styling ideas, as well as interesting information. To see Ana Luisa’s good luck necklaces collection, visit our online jewelry shop.

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