The choker necklace has gone through an evolution these last few years. You probably already have two chokers that you want to wear with every outfit. Chokers are a very prominent jewelry piece, even when the design is simple. This is why getting the styling just right is so important. Finding the perfect choker for your face takes effort, even if you know how to style necklaces. Once you’ve found the perfect one you don’t want to leave it sitting sadly in your jewelry box because you can’t seem to pair it with your other jewelry pieces. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Solve your choker problems by following these styling tips.

Lace Choker Necklace and Delicate Jewelry

A lace choker is sexy but pairing it with the wrong jewelry takes away from its softness. Pair a lace choker necklace with jewelry pieces that are delicate and refined. Think thin solid gold chains for your bracelets, cocktail rings and studs.

Mixing materials in your jewelry look is tricky. This is why it is so hard to find the right pairings for a lace choker. Lace is a fancy material so let your other jewelry pieces be fancy, too.

Intricate designs are good because lace is often very detailed too. Just don’t wear anything that is chunky. This will seem out of proportion with the lace.

Black and Gold

Black is a common color for a choker necklace but a less common color in other jewelry pieces. Don’t stress yourself finding jewelry pieces that have some black element in the design. Instead, pair your black choker with gold jewelry pieces.

Black and gold always work together so you don’t have to limit yourself too much in the design. However, we do recommend sticking to just these two colors. Adding in other colors in the form of semi-precious stones or beading gives you yet another element to coordinate. Keep the color pattern simple and be more experimental in design instead.

Metal Chokers for Edgy Looks

One of the edgiest jewelry pieces you can wear is a thick metal choker. This choker necklace style works best with jewelry pieces that are equally contemporary.

Chunky silver jewelry looks great paired with a metal choker. Pair the choker necklace with a cuff bracelet or wide bangle, hoop earrings, and stacked rings.

You can also wear the same choker necklace but in different metals to create a layered look. If you are taking on this styling then keep your other jewelry pieces in a single metal. The mixing of metals should be kept to the chokers only.

Layering Chokers and Not Much Else

Layering a choker necklace is a pro move but we think you can handle it. Here are a few styling tips to remember.

For a softer look layer several chokers with thin chains. You can wear a pendant on one of those chokers but keep the look minimalist. You can copy the layering pattern into your bracelets and rings.

You can also layer a choker necklace with different materials. This gives you more elements to play off of in your other jewelry pieces. For example, use the same gemstones in your jeweled choker layer as in your ring. Or wear a velvet bracelet if one of the chokers is also made of velvet.

If you are layering your chokers then stick to just one jewelry piece on your hands. Pair it with a shorter drop earring or, even better, a creeper.

Piling on the Jewels

A jeweled choker necklace is glamorous. The rest of your jewelry pieces don’t have to be muted down to pull off this look. Instead, carry the gemstone colors in the choker throughout the rest of your jewelry.

Since the jewels are the focal point in this styling, wear the same metal throughout the look. Mixing gemstone colors is already enough of an eye-catcher. Keep your look a complete picture by not mixing metals, too.

We suggest you choose two or three gemstone colors to work with. The color is more important than the actual precious stone. Meaning, you can translate a pink pearl detail in the choker necklace as a rose quartz ring.

Have you learned something new about styling choker necklaces? We love how a choker necklace can immediately change the total look. It is a jewelry piece that helps you transform any outfit. This is why we shall not be defeated by the challenge of pairing chokers with the rest of our jewelry collection. Neither should you! Choker necklaces have proven that they are not just a passing trend so we might as well get to experiment with them. For more necklace styling tips, continue reading.

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