A heart necklace is a gift that every woman has received at some point in their life. So, we are united in trying to find the answer to the question; how do I wear a heart pendant necklace? Heart pendants are back on trend so this is a question that we need to answer right now.

Did you get a heart necklace as a Valentine’s Day gift this year? Do you love the symbolism but are not sure how it fits with your style? Don’t stress, we have you covered. When you are wondering how to style necklaces, there is only one place to get your info – Ana Luisa’s blog. We know exactly when and how to wear heart-shaped jewelry. Read on to finally learn how to make this look work for you.

When to Wear a Heart Necklace

When it is appropriate to wear a heart necklace is really up to the design of the necklace. How does it fit into your overall look? Are you drawing blanks in styling ideas? Before we get into specific necklace designs, here are two general rules to remember with heart-shaped jewelry.

Don’t Wear Hearts to Work

Hearts are romantic and sweet symbols. That is exactly how people read a woman wearing heart-shaped jewelry, even if it is only subconsciously. Now ladies, we have come a long way in the workplace. However, I am sure that you have at some point felt a little less powerful than your male counterparts. Wearing a heart necklace won’t help you establish your presence.

Save the hearts for casual affairs or for special occasions that are not related to work. We need to keep our power suit on at work, figuratively speaking. Read through our other posts for more tips on how to style jewelry for the office.

Be Careful with the Colors and Style of Clothing

The clothing and colors you choose to wear with your heart necklace have a major impact on the overall look. We don’t recommend wearing girly colors and clothing. There is an important distinction between girly and feminine. Feminine clothing is still confident and independent while girly clothing makes you feel like a damsel in distress.

Avoid frilly dresses, crop tops and rompers when wearing a heart necklace. Skip colors like pink, violet and baby blue, as well. Also, if you like to wear patterns then choose the pattern carefully. Many floral patterns, but also graphic patterns like flamingos and fruit, don’t pair well with hearts.

What to Wear with a Large Heart Pendant vs. Small Heart Pendant

Aside from the design of the necklace, the size of the heart pendant also influences what clothing it looks good with. The key is to give the pendant the background that it needs. Larger necklaces work better with lower necklines while smaller necklaces look best with higher necklines.

If the necklace has a large heart pendant keep the top more bare and monochromatic. A large pendant wants to be the focal point so a busy top with many colors crowds the necklace. Try wearing a V-neck or cold shoulder top for large pendants.

Smaller heart pendants look pretty against a plain background like a halter top. If you want to wear pattern with the heart necklace then choose calm patterns like stripes. Layer the necklace to create a texture. This makes the necklace stand out more against a busier background.

How to Style a Bejeweled Heart Necklace

Diamonds and hearts are a popular combination. To balance this necklace design, keep your clothes simple and minimalist. Think solid colors that bring out the shine of the diamonds. Avoid textured clothing like ruffled sleeves and fringed bottoms. You want to keep the look classy and polished.

Are the semi-precious stones in the pendant colored? Then you need to complement these colors with what you are wearing. Don’t go the matching route, though. Instead, pick an analogous color that softens the look. In other words, choose to wear similar colors to the gemstones. Stick to a close spectrum of colors. For example, a rose quartz heart pendant looks pretty with a cream wrap dress.

How to Style a Simple Heart Necklace

A solid gold or silver heart necklace is a lot easier to style than one that has gemstones. Choose the clothing for a solid colored heart-shaped pendant like you would with any other pendant shape. Play around more with color blocking and patterns in your clothing to offset the shape of the pendant.

Another advantaged of simple hearts is that they are easier to match with other jewelry, as well. Simply continue the jewelry in the same metal. If you want the heart necklace to be more subtle then layer it with other pendant necklaces such as coins which are right on trend.

A heart necklace is charming and beautiful. When you wear it the right way it can add a very feminine and classy touch to your outfit. If you enjoyed getting inspiration on how to style heart necklaces, read on to discover more styling advice as well as buying guides and tips &tricks on how to take care of your jewelry.

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