Wearing a ruby necklace gives you confidence. There’s something about its fiery deep red color or the beautiful way it reflects the light. Whether it is, we can all agree that a ruby necklace spells fabulous. And because we are obsessed with it, we have done our research and came up with an interesting article for any jewelry lover. Keep on reading to find out more about the ruby, how to style necklaces with rubies and how to take care of them.

What are rubies?

The ruby is one of the four precious stones. The other three are diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. What is very interesting about is the fact that a ruby gem is nothing but a red sapphire. You see, both sapphires are rubies are made of corundum and the only difference between them is the color. They are, basically, the same gemstone. And while sapphires come in many colors (blue, pink, black, etc.), the ruby can only be red. It is its defining characteristic.

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And, because rubies are sapphires, they share the same hardness score on the Mohs scale, which is 9. That’s right. Only diamonds are harder than rubies.

So when you are getting a ruby necklace, you can rest assured that it will not scratch easily. However, you should also know that when it comes to protecting the gemstone, the bezel and the flush settings are the most secure.

Back to the ruby, this gem has always fascinated people. Its lush deep red color is mesmerizing and it always attracts attention. This is why, ever since ancient times, people have associated rubies with passion, love and wealth. In India, for example, wearing a ruby necklace means that you will fall at peace with your enemies.

Famous ruby jewelry

Like any other precious gem, the ruby has always grabbed people’s attention. This is why today we can name a couple of famous rubies that have become legendary. Up until the 19th century, people confused the red spinel with the ruby, which is why today we have some famous “rubies” that are not rubies at all. However, later on, people learned to make the difference between the two gems.

One of the most famous rubies is the Rosser Reeves Star Ruby which can now be found at the Smithsonian Institution. This incredible gemstone is the largest and finest star ruby in the world. The “Hope Ruby” is another famous gem. It was not a ruby necklace, but a ruby ring which was sold for $6.74 million, making it the most expensive ruby in the world.

Buying & styling a ruby necklace

Any woman who loves jewelry should have a ruby necklace in her collection. It doesn’t have to be a big, statement necklace. In fact, we recommend the opposite as you will get more chances to wear it this way. A chunky ruby necklace with a cluster of gems may not look fantastic with a flowy summer dress. However, a delicate necklace with a ruby pendant will be the perfect accessory both to your elegant and casual outfits.

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When buying a ruby necklace, notice the color of the gemstone. The deeper the color, the more valuable the stone. Also, notice the setting and how it secures the gem.

Styling a ruby necklace is easy as long as you let your imagination take the lead. Ditch boring jewelry sets and combine your ruby necklace with other gems such as diamonds, clear crystals, pearls, and moonstone. You can also layer your ruby necklace to get a hip look or you can go monochrome with red clothes and your necklace. Mix metals and wear your ruby necklace with both gold and silver to create a precious look.

How to take care of a ruby necklace

Due to the fact that the ruby is a durable gem, you will be able to wear your ruby necklace every single day if you want to. However, you still need to clean it regularly using a damp microfiber cloth and warm water.

Keep your necklace away from harsh chemicals and make sure to apply perfume and body lotion before you put it on. Also, don’t forget about the mandatory jewelry inspection to make sure that the setting is intact and the gem secured.

Is the ruby your birthstone?

Aside from being gorgeous, the ruby is also the birthstone of July. This means that, if you are born in July, you have even more reasons for getting a ruby necklace. Wearing your birthstone is always a great idea as it offers personal meaning to jewelry. Another great idea is to offer a ruby necklace to somebody born in July. It will be the ideal present that will sweep them off their feet and show them how much you pay attention to details.

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