If you love wearing fashion necklaces and have an entire jewelry box full of them, listen carefully. We have prepared some interesting ideas about how to style necklaces for each day of the week. Want to wear a different necklace every day and be fabulous? Then read further to discover the best jewelry styling ideas.

7 fashion necklaces styling ideas

When you are wearing fashion necklaces, the neckline of your shirt or dress is the most important. Your other jewelry is also important and, of course, you need to pay attention to the color of your outfit, patterns, and graphic images. With this in mind, let’s get started and see how you can wear your necklaces and make the most of them.

Minimal Monday

Everybody hates Mondays, but this doesn’t mean that you should too. Yes, it’s difficult to leave that weekend fun behind you and start a new work week, but you can do it in style. If you feel good about yourself, you’ll also feel good about Mondays, trust us.

ball chain necklace

Start your week with a solid silver ball chain necklace with a sleek design. This beautiful jewelry piece goes great with a shirt with a boat neckline, a cashmere blazer and a pair of tailored jeans. Get a professional and relaxed look at the same time. And since fashion necklaces go great with earrings, choose a threader or liner design to create a nice geometric effect.

Feminine Tuesday

Today, choose form your fashion necklaces a feminine design that incorporates pearls. Nothing is more romantic and feminine than pearls. If you don’t want a pearl necklace and want to try something more modern, choose a gold chain necklace with a baroque pearl pendant.

pearl pendant

Wear it with a black T-shirt with a jewel neckline to emphasize it and create a nice effect. Stack your rings and choose a pair of subtle dangle earrings to get a balanced and beautiful look.

Golden Wednesdays

Today’s theme is gold. A ball chain necklace with a polished gold pendant looks amazing when you pair it with a turtleneck. Embrace this winter’s turtleneck trend and go big on your jewelry. It’s time to try a metallic look, so leave your gemstone jewelry at home. Instead, choose a pair of gold studs, a chunky gold cuff bracelet, and a gold ring.

If you want your jewelry to shine, dress in neutral colors that act like a canvass for jewelry, but put on your red boots or stiletto shoes. Did anybody say gorgeous? This is what happens when you wear fashion necklaces the right way.

Lucky Thursday

Did you know that coins bring good luck? Whether you believe in these things or not, a coin pendant is always a great idea. This season, coin pendants are the focus in the jewelry world and they look stunning. For today, you can choose an oversized link design featuring a coin pendant from your fashion necklaces.

Accessorize your necklace with a pair of thin gold hoops to bring back the shape of the pendant into your earrings’ design. Wear your hair in a messy updo and try a nice jumper dress with a pair of suede boots. Feel fabulous as the weekend approaches!

Sleek Friday

You can already smell the weekend in the air, can’t you? Today you’ll want to choose from your fashion necklaces a design that is great for work, but also for after work cocktails. We were thinking that a polished oversized link chain necklace is a great idea.

This type of necklace has a sleek design, which is great for work environments. However, due to the oversized links, it can easily become a statement once you put your hair up. Pair it with crystal stud earrings and a silver bracelet to get a versatile look. As for your clothes, it’s time to take those cuff jeans out of your closet and your favorite button-down shirt.

Layered Saturdays

Did you think we were not going to write about layered necklaces? Well, here they are. This season’s most interesting trend, right on your doorstep. That sexy deep-V neckline dress that you keep for special occasions practically screams for fashion necklaces. Forget chokers and go all in with a pre-layered design.

december jewelry

Be a star tonight as you wear your layered necklace with style. And since a layered necklace is a statement, choose a pair of subtle earrings to avoid looking too busy. To bring back the balance, stack your bangles. May you have a fabulous evening!

Silvery Sundays

When you go out for brunch today, choose form your fashion necklaces a silver design. We know you love the layered look so you can wear it again. However, choose a more subtle piece that will look fantastic with your off-the-shoulder blouse and flowy skirt.

necklaces for woman

You can’t go wrong with a pair of white gold hoops or silver threaders for your earrings. You don’t need a bracelet today, but you will need a delicate silver ring with a clear gemstone.

That’s it, folks! Here are your fashion necklaces ideas for each day of the week. If you want to read more about jewelry and discover more styling tips, check out our other articles as well. To see any of the creations featured in this article, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. Discover unique necklaces for women in our collections and fall in love with designer jewelry.

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