When it comes to layered necklaces, Ana Luisa is to go-to place for the most fab & gorgeous pieces. In our gold layered necklace collection, you will find unique inspirational pieces that will help you take your look to the next level. And because most of our readers have asked us how to style necklaces that are pre-layered, we have decided to create an article about this. Read further to learn how to style Ana Luisa’s layered necklaces and discover the right one for you.

A quick word about layered necklaces

This fantastic trend has allowed women everywhere to completely transform their pieces and combine them in a creative way. When it comes to layered necklaces, you can either combine a couple of singular pieces you own or buy an already layered necklace. You already know from our previous articles how to combine singular pieces and layer your necklaces, but let’s have a quick recap.

The most important rule is to tell a story and choose pieces that form a theme together. Whether it is a nature-inspired theme or a story about yourself, a theme will always add a note of sophistication to your layered necklaces. Another important aspect to consider is the necklace length. Play with lengths and choose pieces that are different. Chokers go great with princess and opera lengths, collars look wonderful with matinees and rope lengths. You get the point. Last, but not least, have a common element – the color of the metal, the gemstones or the shape of the pendant.

So these are the most important rules about layered necklaces. What about pre-layered ones? How do you wear an already layered necklace? Read further to find out.

Ana Luisa’s layered necklaces

Because we love to get creative and try out new jewelry trends in our designs, we have a unique collection of layered necklaces. Find out which one is best for you and how to wear them like a fashion expert.

Onyx layered necklace set

This gold layered necklace is everything you need to get an unmistakable fashion pro look. It features three different gold chains designs and three stunning pendants. A dainty Virgin Mary pendant on a thin & subtle chain, a vibrant black onyx stone in a bezel setting on a creative chain and a shiny coin pendant on an oversized link chain are the ingredients of this piece. And they work fabulous together.

gold layered necklace

As you know, with layered necklaces, you can’t wear too much jewelry. So what we recommend for this piece is Ana Luisa’s Miruna black onyx signet ring, along with a pair of gold studs. Leave your bracelet at home and wear this necklace with a deep-V neckline in a neutral tone, like white, black, navy or cream.

black onyx ring

Pearl layered necklace set

Layered necklaces look fantastic when there is a natural pearl involved. And with Ana Luisa’s pearl layered necklace set you get not one, but three stunning pendants. A natural lustrous baroque pearl on a collar-length gold chain, a vintage-looking Saint Christopher pendant on a classic gold chain and a statement coin pendant on a rope-length chain make this layered necklace a fashion statement.

gold layered necklace

As the theme of this necklace is gold and pearly white, we recommend sticking to it when it comes to your other jewelry. For example, you can wear the baroque pearl drop earrings by Ana Luisa with this jewelry piece. You don’t want to be too matchy-matchy, especially when wearing layered necklaces, so choose a simple bangle or an all-metal band. Wear this necklace with a sweetheart neckline in a deep blue color.

pearl drop earrings

Alexa layered necklace

If gemstones and pendant aren’t your thing, check out Ana Luisa’s Alexa layered necklace. With three gold chains bound together and a fun tassel look, this layered necklace is great for both casual and formal occasions. It is also easy to accessorize with your other jewelry and outfits, so let’s take a look at how you can match it like a pro.

gold layered necklace

Add a little bit of color to your outfit by wearing this layered necklace along with our gorgeous flower stud earrings below. For a sleek metallic look, try some mini hoops and a chunky all-metal band. Complement this necklace with a boat neckline or wear it with your favorite chiffon dress. The best part of this necklace is that, unlike other layered necklaces, it works great with turtlenecks as well.

flower stud pearl earrings

We have a lot more jewelry styling ideas in store for you, so make sure to read our other articles as well. You will find useful information, inspirational fashion advice, and the hottest jewelry trends at the moment. To see more of our gold layered necklace collection, visit Ana Luisa online jewelry shop. You will discover an impressive array of unique designer creations that can’t wait to get inside your jewelry box.

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