Nothing is as cool as a collar necklace. Any outfit, even the most feminine floral dress, instantly looks more chic with these cool statement pieces. Yes, it is a statement piece. Even the most minimalist of collar necklaces stands out. So, how exactly do you choose the perfect one for you? Which collar necklaces work best with which outfit styles? Read on to discover our favorite collar necklace ideas and to find out how to style necklaces.

The Hottest Necklace of 2019: The Open Collar Necklace

The number one necklace this season is the open collar necklace. Wearing this updated design makes you feel like a champion. It is the 2019 version of wearing a laurel wreath, only cooler.

There are so many possibilities with the open collar necklace. You can keep it sleek and simple by choosing a silver minimalist bar. Make this necklace the epitome of chic by looking for one that incorporates pearls. Give yourself a glow up with a jewel encrusted style. For the vintage gal, a rose gold and enamel design is ever so dreamy.

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Would you like us to continue? The list of options is endless. You are bound to find a design that looks like it was made for you. Trust us, this is a spring jewelry trend you do not want to miss out on.

Now that we have done our fashion duty with this PSA, let’s move on to more chic collar necklace ideas.

Find the Right Metal for Your Clothing

For the ultimate chic chick look, stick to metallic collar necklaces. Any shade of gold or silver is good. Usually, this is the point where we tell you to match the color of your necklace to your other jewelry pieces. Not this time, though.

More than any other jewelry piece, this necklace style has to flow with your outfit. You know your styling is on point when the collar necklace looks like it is part of your top. This is why the color scheme of your closet is the correct inspiration for your choice of metal.

Take a look inside your closet. What is the general color scheme? Are you into the neutral colors like grey, cream, brown, nude pink? Give your wardrobe some oomph with a rose gold collar necklace.

Do you walk around on the dark side? For people that mostly wear black, grey, dark blue, green and maroon, a bright silver colored collar fits right in.

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Is your closet flirty and fresh and with a lot of white clothes, pastels and patterns? Gold jewelry always works. With this color scheme especially, a gold collar elevates your already elegant style.

Know When to Add Color and Sparkle

Colorful collar necklaces are a fun spring trend that transforms any flowy dress. The color can come from gemstones, sea shells or enamel. Which one fits your style better?

Adding gemstones makes any outfit glam. We can already see you walking the red carpet of the Met Gala. Choose deeper colored gemstones like rubies, blue sapphire, purple amethyst and black onyx to make yourself feel like a queen. A collar necklace covered in gemstones is better than wearing a tiara. The princesses just haven’t gotten the memo yet.

Sea shells are another spring trend that we expect to pop up in all kinds of jewelry. Pretty round sea shells on the ends of an open collar necklace is twice the style envy. Accentuate your collar bone with layered sea shells. This look is worthy of a modern day Ariel, after she learns what all her shipwreck treasures are. Wear this style for weekend trips, festivals and brunch.

Enameled gold is how you add color to your look while still keeping things simple. Go for a black and gold or white and gold enamel collar necklace as a basic accessory. For more special occasions choose multicolored enamel. (When we say special occasions, read: Instagrammable moments.) Just like choosing the type of metal, the enamel colors should match your closet’s color scheme.

What Jewelry to Wear with a Collar Necklace

So, what kind of jewelry works best with this statement piece? Honestly, less is more. Let the collar piece have its moment and keep the rest of your jewelry minimal and classic.

Contrast the circular shape of the necklace with long dangling earrings in the same metal for a fierce night look. During the day, pair the necklace with studs or floral inspired creeper earrings. The studs and collar necklace pairing is actually our favorite jewelry combo for a power suit.

Echo the collar design with a cuff bracelet that is otherwise minimal. Also keep your rings cute and delicate. Think small soft colored gemstones and textured solid gold pieces. You don’t want to outshine the collar necklace.

If you feel that you have received the right inspiration for styling your collar necklace, keep on reading our other articles as well. We speak jewelry like nobody else and you will find lots of interesting content on this blog.

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