Bridesmaid jewelry has a unique role – it allows your personal style to shine. As for most weddings, the tradition is for the bridesmaids to wear the same gown (or color), jewelry is how you make a statement. Of course, there are rules to follow especially since we are talking about a wedding. The same way you don’t wear white to a wedding, you need to be careful about the jewelry you select. And since it’s wedding season, let’s see what bridesmaid jewelry you can choose and how to match it with your gown.

Bridesmaid jewelry according to the theme

Only a bridezilla would make her bridesmaids wear the same jewelry in addition to wearing the same dress. So we are going to assume you have the freedom to pick your own jewelry. If you don’t, try to persuade the soon-to-be bride and make her understand that there is a difference between elegant occasion matching dresses and a “cookie-cutter”.

While most brides leave the jewelry up to the bridesmaids, some of them can set up a theme, which is a very cool idea. A nice theme idea is pearls. Whether a pearl choker, necklace or a pair of pearl earrings, a unified look would be great. Of course, if you want this to work, you have to talk to the other bridesmaids and make sure you choose different styles. For example, one of you could wear a pair of chandelier pearl earrings, and another could wear pearl clusters.

Another interesting theme is to complement the bride by wearing the opposite jewelry styles. If she is wearing an elegant choker, the bridesmaids could wear long necklaces like a lariat or strands of pearls. If she is wearing a diamond tiara, the bridesmaids can wear tiara-shaped hair clips. Once again, you have to discuss it with the other bridesmaids and make sure you choose different jewelry styles and colors.

Bridesmaid jewelry according to the neckline

A very important thing you need to consider is the gown’s neckline. The neckline is important when considering what type of necklace and earrings you should wear. And since the neckline chooses the necklace and the earrings, it also influences the rings or bracelets because they have to match the upper part of your body.

Deep V-neckline

The deep V-neckline is a very flattering and popular choice. If your gown has this neckline style, we recommend choosing a lariat, a beaded necklace or a fine pendant necklace of medium length. Depending on your necklace choice and hairstyle, you can go for cluster or teardrop earrings.

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Strapless neckline

When it comes to bridesmaid jewelry for a strapless neckline, we recommend choosing an elegant choker or a delicate short chain necklace. You can also go for a multi-strand statement necklace, but, in this case, make sure to choose small earrings, like studs. You can also go the other way and select a fine delicate necklace and chandelier earrings.

Halter neckline

With a halter neckline, your earrings get all the attention. Don’t make the mistake of wearing a necklace and especially not a big, statement necklace. Instead, go for a pair of statement earrings and a cuff bracelet.

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Sweetheart neckline

A sweetheart neckline is very feminine and delicate, which is why you have a lot of options. You can keep it minimal and choose a fine chain necklace or you can go with a statement collar necklace. The only rule is that the necklace can’t touch the dress, it has to hang above the neckline.

T-shirt (jewel) neckline

Very popular for bridesmaid dresses, the jewel neckline offers a lot of possibilities. Its purpose is to emphasize the jewelry, so it will look gorgeous with a statement necklace, a multi-strand pearl necklace or even a chain with a beautiful pendant. You can let your necklace grab all the attention and wear small studs for earrings.

Asymmetrical neckline

One-shoulder dresses are beautiful and stylish, but it can be quite hard to accessorize your jewelry. If you are going to wear an asymmetrical dress, we recommend pairing it with a delicate layered chain necklace. You can also try a choker necklace, but a thin, elegant one.

Bateau neckline

An elegant and feminine choice, the bateau will always be a classic. Because of its cut, try to avoid choker and collar necklaces. Go for strands of pearls or beaded short necklaces. If you want a contrasting look, you can choose a pair of linear drop earrings that oppose the roundness of the neckline.

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